Dead By Daylight


“Death Is Not an Escape. Dead by Daylight is an upcoming multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured and killed.”

Basically it’s Evolve if Evolve was a horror game.

Dead by Daylight -MEGATHREAD- GAME IS OUT!

What platforms is this coming out on?


Right now it’s PC only, however the developers haven’t completely eliminated the idea of releasing on Console at a later date.


Love the concept! :open_mouth:


I’m a little worried about potential replayability.
Upgrading your survivor’s gear like his flashlight etc is the only thing I heard that actually persists during multiple matches. Other than that, progress is basically at 0 at the start of every new round.
Let us hope that powering up generators was only a mere example of 1 particular map or better yet, only 1 half of 1 map.
Otherwise this game will get boring really quick because - let’s be honest here - horror games lose their horror after having been played long enough. And as soon as this game isn’t scary enough anymore, it doesn’t seem to have a whole lot else going for it to keep players interested.

Speaking of horror, why 3rd person? Why?!
It reduces immersion and the horror. They’re both sort of the same thing in horror games I suppose.
You need to be immersed in a horror game in order for the horror and unpredictabiliy to keep the tension high.
Looking around corners and outside of a cabinet you’re hiding in because you’re in 3rd person? That’s definitely a heavy blow to the horror aspect of this game.



Just judging off the video I think Evolve did it better.


Windows only? I see that it’ll be available through Steam, so does that necessarily rule out Apple? I didn’t see a definitive OS platform on their site.

I know, I know. Quit smirking. My MacBook Pro just wants a MP horror game. It told me so.

EDIT: Methinks I answered my own question after some digging.

Microsoft Windows machines only, so far. Sigh.:expressionless:

It looks like a great deal of fun to this horror buff.


I want it

I hope they have a mutant hillbilly class.


I’ve seen the game during the early conceptual start of the game, really exited to learn that this is going somewhere.

The game turned out better.

I think there was a concept art with a very hillbilly leather face killer, I’m sure it’ll be a pick.

Like the devs explained in the video, it was more of a practical decision than anything. Because like like the Monsters in Evolve, when they were in first person it made doing their job and playing their roles quite difficult as they would get horded by the enemy(hunters) and the environment.

Maybe they’ll do it for apple if the game is popular enough, I think there have been games that received a similar treatment.


OH MY GAWD!! They have a sorceress type with CLOAK of killer yasss!!! I wonder if it’ll turn into another Wraith fiasco.


It’s kind of funny that just the other day I was writing in a ‘‘Is Evolve dying?’’ thread that I think Evolve is so unique and demanding (gameplaywise) that makes people leave due to the fact that the vast majority of videogame players are just used to less demanding/mindless fps games.

I also said that maybe a ‘‘dumbed’’ down version of Evolve would do better at keeping the crowds in the house, as it would present the new gameplay in a more gentle-appealing way.

Well having seen all the footage currently available from this game I have to say that this really is a VERY dumbed down Evolve. I highly doubt anyone that loves and plays Evolve would play around a lot with that game and find it anything else but boring.

On the bright side of things if more games like that arise they might slowly train people to this beautiful world Evolve has opened to gaming and thus maybe leading to more people getting interested in Evolve.

All in all I cross my fingers that this will game work as a perfect stepping stone for more people to come on over and join Evolve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Killer is OP :joy:


just shine a flashlight at him and he wont know what to do


I own these and the high-beams can totally burn a temporary blind spot into anyone’s eyeballs in the dark.

It’s not totally unbelievable that it could help deter a killer in the shadows, but the flashlight model artist would do well to ensure it’s more a SureFire than a dopey plastic torch.


I can already see the countless “second killer is OP” threads on the Behaviour Interactive’s forums. Then getting the killer nerf to hell.


Flashlights are a real thing to worry about, here in Malaysia I believe there are regulations as to just how powerful the beam can be.


:eyes: Your…they have beams? That is worrisome.


They dont lol I’d prefer it if they glow in the dark like all flash lights should so we can find them better in case of a blackout.


Dead Space, anyone?

This looks really cool. I hope they do add some better progression that carries over between matches for both the killer and the survivors. If the content gets fleshed out some more this could be a really cool game :smiley_cat: