Dead by Daylight on Console


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You don’t really have to mash it you just have to press A rapidly I think without breaking your hand
[/quote]Has flashbacks to the MGS1 torture segment


Here is a video from a while back when I had some nice jukes against a HillBilly :stuck_out_tongue:


If you play on Xbox one add me.

GT: TheRubexCube


You can see him As he’s moving. Always spin the camera to watch your back and you should be fine.


I get so much hate mail when I play killer. People are such sore losers when they die first. It’s pretty bad. I’m not real fond of the community for this game. But this game is addicting as hell.


I got a few good messages and a few bad messages


I get tons of hate mail. These kids don’t know how to lose. They are crybabies.


That’s one of the reasons I don’t see myself getting this game in the near future. Playing as the killer is way too hard with all the toxic people and the running around objects. This game looks so cool and I’d love to get my hands on it but it just doesn’t seem to be that fun playing as the killer. I’d love have another asymmetric multiplayer game in my library. I’ll just stick with F13 for now (I’m also a Jason fan, so I am little bit biased).


Killer is fun if you’re in a way but its struggles in a sense as evolve does being the monster. I mean fighting a team of 4 people will destroy you most of the time and or you’ll destroy pubs who have very little teamwork. Point is it’s like being monster to some level.


I started turning off notifications when I play, so I don’t even notice them.
Then when I’m done playing I can read through them, have a laugh, and report the really toxic ones.


No it’s not that I main Monster so I feel like I would be able to get good with the Killers pretty quickly. The second sentence in my post explained why I think Killer will not be fun. I read a comment that said window cheese was removed, but that’s still not enough. The survivors should have a stamina bar so they don’t have unlimited vaults and aren’t able to run around in circles for the entire game. You should fear the Killer. When the game launched, people probably feared the Killer. But then they discovered how slow they are, and that fear vanished. Survivors now could vault and play ring around the rosie with the Killers for the entire game and not die. Friday the 13th got Jason right. People fear him, because he is nigh-impossible to stop. You can stun him temporarily, but he will recover. When he grabs you, he will most likely kill you. Yes, you can play ring around the rosie with him. But F13 thankfully gave the counselors a stamina bar, so they can’t run forever. Eventually, they will be caught and killed. DbD really should take some hints from F13 when it comes to the Killers. It’s supposed to be “Oh crap a Killer found me I’m screwed”, instead of “Aww the Killer can’t catch me because I’m vaulting over and over again lol. Lol disgraceful defeat!”


Uh try nurse. :confused: . I suck as her though


Like I literally went a whole match with out hitting someone one as in that bad


Can Nurse attack right after she stops teleporting? Is it similar to Jason’s shift where he can hit the melee or grab button and he’ll instantly attack? So could I teleport to a survivor with the Nurse and hit the attack button to instantly attack without having to go through cheese hell?

This is the stuff I’m trying to avoid:


Ok so she can teleport once from there she can either do a attack do another teleport or do nothing all of these will end with you being stunned for at least 2 seconds and even longer if you miss the attack will it make it longer . She starts out with 2 teleports by default or this can be extended 4 teleports.the longer you hold the teleport button the further you’ll teleport.


And she can teleport through any wall pretty much


I’m short if you play her right she can counter this kind of play


A down side she has though is her natural walking speed is the slowest of all the Killers.
I’m pretty sure the killer in the video could just have chased him of the balcony and still hit him since Killers don’t need to recover from falls but survivors do . Or even he could still Chase him off and wait for him to jump in window and hit him while he’s going through it. And I think this wasn’t part of the game then but now if a survivor jumps through a window to much in a short time it will be temporarily blocked off. Or if the killer was either the trapper or hag he could have put s trap in the building and while he was going through the window he would get stuck on a bear trap or activate a hag trap which then she could teleport to. And now Killers get a speed boost the longer their in a Chase up to 3 times which would be more then enough to hit him. I think I am over analysing it now though.



I am happy you are playing this on Console. Last year on Christmas eve I played the PC version…

I like to play creepy…



I missed this one! I play DbD on XB1 with @skills4u2envy and some of my other friends. It is awesomely fun, but definitely frustrating when the Killer is lagging and we’re rubberbanding over pallets or into bear traps.
There are still some technical issues, like the game randomly booting everyone, disallowing Daily Ritual management, getting stuck in pallets and lockers, items and players clipping through the ground, taking forever to matchmake with 3 in Survive With Friends, etc.

There are a fair number of balance issues, most notably the Doctor and madness tiers. Also, feel like even one higher end survivor skews the curve and nets a higher end killer, making it difficult for friends of varying ranks to play together and all enjoy the experience.

Nonetheless, it’s a blast and I’m looking forward to the DLC. I just hope the Left 4 Dead DLC follows the Halloween DLC to console!