Dead by Daylight on Console


Did any1 hv buy it ? I hv got it today and it makes so much fun i finally have some Evolve feelings back ^^
I finally can play as the Doctor love his Design and his Gamepay so much he isnt the best Killer but he makes alot fun :stuck_out_tongue:

what do u guys think of the Console version of this great Game ? ^^
i really must say its much better as Friday the 13th because of the Level ups , Perks and different Killers

btw the next Killer that will be revealed looks like a Bunny it has Bunny Ears xD


I have not bought it yet, myself. I did ask in the thread prior to the console version’s release if anyone was able to comment on the current state of the game’s balance and never got a response, so I’m kind of wary of it, since it looked like the balance was all over the place on PC.


I got it on XB, and it’s okay but I can tell a couple killers need some work done. The Doctor is crazy hard to win against because you literally can’t lose him, Wraith needs to be tweaked a bit and is pretty close to balanced, but the Nurse needs a buff. I think that’s pretty similar to how it is on PC at the moment, too.


The nurse is the hardest to play because of her Teleport :stuck_out_tongue: but i wonder why the Doctor is the hardest to win against i hv heard he is the 1 of the weakest Killers on PC or did u mean its to hard to surviive whit all 4 Survivor against him ? ^^


Well first off his ability practically reveals the survivors to him first time he’s around the.m from there he could chase them and or build up there madness which will eventually make them easier to find


So far my experiences with him on XB have been hard as shit. He chases you and is constantly zapping you so you scream and he knows where you are, so you can’t lose him. Then the majority of the time he camps the body, or stays close and keeps zapping so he knows if someone is close to getting you off the hook.

I survived against one before, but he seemed really new and didn’t use his ability.


As for nurse she can be the best killer but she could also be the worst killer. You need to pull of the teleport right and it is practically a free hit but if you are messing them all up and can’t land a Hit or if the people know how to juke it your probably only killing one person.


I want to pick it up. I don’t think it’ll be better than F13 though. That is, if I can actually play it for more than 2-3 weeks.


I have it. Add me if y’all want.


There really needs to be a ways to close the stupid hatch😑


You can put traps around it.


is it just me or is the Wraith stupid OP ? everytime u get killed because u cant hear the Heartbeat -.-


as a killer that hatch has had me confused. you find it… but cant do anything with it.


they will say its you.


I hate how he can sneak up so easily, but at least he’s slow when becoming visible and there’s an audio cue. Sucks that he can start off right behind you but it gives you a chance to get a head start. If your one second slow on taking off, it’s 1000 times harder to get away unscathed.


Yeah if you are trapper which I don’t play I usually play doctor or Billy and even if you down someone by the hatch they can still jump in


No not really. I can survive just fine. And I’m pretty sure you can hear the heartbeat. The thing you should be scared of are the bells. The sec you hear them, start running.


its so impossible for me to survive a hook if u cant button smashing they really need too change that for console players

i never was good at button smashing :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t really have to mash it you just have to press A rapidly I think without breaking your hand


The hilly Billy scares The shit out of me when he revs that chainsaw on my general area