Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


Yeah, I’m leaning towards Nurse/Hag/Huntress/Spirt, their design/backstory speak the most to me. But I’ll start out with Wraith, from all the gameplay I’ve seen of the OG3 he seems the most interesting :slight_smile:


Wraith is super easy. All you really do is just go invisible and find survivors so much for you to learn. Remember you can break gens and vault while invis. As for the others, Nurse is technically OP. This is balanced by thr fact she’s very difficult to master. You’ll need both killer and survivor experience if you want to do good with her.

The other killers you mentioned are also a but high skill, mostly huntress as her Hatchets take a fair bit of practice.

The easiest killers for you to play would probably just be the beginning 3. Trapper is just using traps and since you’re not high skilled survivors won’t be nearly as aware of your trap placements. Hillbilly is also pretty easy being able to move across the map very fast and with his one shot potential. He’s the most meta killer along with nurse but mostly nurse on pc. Console suffers from horendous frame rate issues and freezing and you almost never come across good nurses, although there are a couple.


The nurse is the hardest to master but is the most rewarding. The maps are filled with pallets and loops which the nurse can pass through pallets and loops, she takes time though. Hillbilly is a good beginner choice with his chainsaw sprint which gives him the ability to traverse the map quicker than some of the other killers. In my opinion huntress is also a very good pick. With her range survivors can’t t-bag when they through a pallet down but similar to the nurse she is hard but is also rewarding. The trapper is easy to use and is pretty fun in my opinion. The doctor is a bit controversial and depending on the platform people may complain but survivors will complain about everything. No joke I’ve been accused of camping even though I walked away but had to come back when they were unhooked. They will also complain if you go after them when they get off a hook or if they die in general, complaints shouldn’t get any attention it’s just something some survivors do. Back on the doctor subject, he has to chase people a bit longer so he can get their madness to a higher level, and he is a bit difficult to use with no add ons. It can be fun using the addon that shows illusionary pallet when a survivor is at a certain level of madness. It usually doesn’t affect a chase but is funny when someone falls for it. Tracking is something both the doctor and the waith are good at. When wraith is cloaked blood glows brightly making it easier to track an injured survivor ( proven false I had bloodhound on the whole time my mistake) and many of his perks revolve around tracking. I think you should give all killers a try and see which one fits your playstyle the most.


This is only with the add on


On xbox it’s on by default but only when cloaked when out of cloak he would need blood hound as a perk

never mind I had bloodhound on the whole time I was told somewhere that the bloodhound effect was on when he was cloaked


That was before his second re work


Alright, played my first few matches as Wraith

Oh boi

First match was far too easy (example, as I was carrying one survivor on my shoulder, a second one was right behind me. After taking a hit, he simply looped and met me at the hook. And after I hooked the first one and turned around to get the second, a third ran into me trying to unhook the first. So that was three on a hook right at the beginning :/). Still had me tense, but mostly due to it being my first ever match. Other matches were more even and, overall, far more fun.

I can see myself playing this a lot, it’s bloody amazing


His add ons are really cool and allow you to play differently. He has an ultra that allows him to see gen progress while invisible based on how red they are.