Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


She looks like so much fun, and her animations are amazing. I’m so excited :smiley_cat:


I want the Ginosaji.



She is creepy, disgusting, and awesome animated … i love it :slight_smile: he would be perfect for a Horrormovie :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Thread… (imagine you had everything unlocked)

I would like to know what you all consider the best killer perks and why? Then if you could, go over some of your favorite survivor perks.

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Survivors are easier since they’re all basically the same. I usually run/switch out the following:

Self Care / Bond - Usually have either one or the other for the heals

Urban Evasion - Always use this now, must have since I can’t imagine not having it anymore. The crouch walking speed is great for avoiding the Killer.

We’ll Make It - Let’s you heal other fast after a unhook, and it’s a timer so you can heal fast until it runs out. I had a game not too long ago where I used it 4 times before the timer went out

Leader - Makes others perform cooperative actions faster if they’re close to you. Great for working through Killer perks like Thanataphobia and Ruin, which slow down your progress.

Adrenaline - Instantly heal one health state and get a sprint burst once the Exit Gates are powered. This perk has saved my life in a chase more than I can count, but there’s also the chance that you won’t even use it if the Survivors can’t finish gens.

Calm Spirit - Never ran this one until they changed it recently. Now you don’t cry out when the Killer melee hits you, the doctor zaps you, or the Clown throws his goo at you.

Small Game - I almost always run this because Hex totems like Ruin and NOED are really annoying. Plus, being able to have a warning of where Killer traps are is great for when you’re in a chase.

Sprint Burst / Balanced Landing - Both are exhaustion perks that give you a speed boost. Sprint Burst gives you a boost when you simply run, and Balanced Landing does the same after you drop down from a long fall. I personally love Balanced Landing, but if you don’t know the areas of a map where you can use it, it can be useless.

Those are my favorites, and the ones I use most.
Some other common ones I see are Decisive Strike, Unbreakable, Dead Hard, and Borrowed Time.


IMO the best Killer perk period is Hex: Ruin; It’s essentially required to compete at any serious level with good Survivors. Some other good ones are Bamboozle (good in certain loops to cut off some insanely good vault spots), Enduring (counters Decisive Strike, which is the most annoyingly powerful thing in the entire game), Brutal Strength (just good for speeding up chases where you have to break pallets), and Make Your Choice (a personal favorite of mine, since it rewards not camping hooks and actually playing the game in a fun way).

For Survivors, Decisive Strike is pretty much insane, to the point of being a crutch perk. Dead Hard is really strong if you know how to use it, as is Sprint Burst. Adrenaline can just straight up win you the game sometimes if you get good timing on the heal and speed. Also Self Care is crazy good.


Found gameplay of new killer, timestamped.



wow that was fast


I hope I get to heal you up, rub my hands all over that. - Me


Right, I felt like they were making fun of me simply becuase as a killer player, when I started doing gens. I couldnt (until recently lol) and if they popped I would run off and jump in a shack.