Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


Personally, you’re kind of wasting a perk spot using Insidious. You really should always be doing something, and having to stand still to get no Terror Radius is only good if you camp people, which I advise against.

They just changed Bitter Murmur and that one is pretty useful on most Killers. It’s okay on Freddy, but not the best since Freddy is already good with seeing auras in the dream world.
Yeah Devour Hope is a Hag teachable perk and is great if the Hex isn’t found by Survivors.

I recommend BBQ & Chili (Leatherface teachable) because it’s great for everything. Basically whenever you hook someone the auras of the other Survivors are revealed to you for 4 seconds if they’re further than 52/46/40 meters. You get bonus stackable bloodpoints for each Survivor hooked for the first time. If I’m running Devour Hope I’ll make sure I have BBQ on because I can hook someone and then takeoff for the furthest person I see so I know I’m heading toward someone, I’m not camping the hooked person, and I’ll get a token since I’m moving far away when they get unhooked.

Hag’s other teachable Hex: Ruin is also a good option for Freddy because it slows down the match until they find the Hex. Ruin basically fucks with generators by having it regress instead during skill checks. Freddy is such a late game Killer that this can help you get some early hooks before gens get repaired.

Never run the Overcharge (Doctor) perk on Freddy. I’ve seen people do that and it’s embarrassing. NOED (No One Escapes Death) is a decent perk choice for just about any Killer, but you don’t want to run it if you’re already running a Hex perk. NOED Hex only activates once the exit gates are powered; it picks a dull totem on the map at random and becomes a Hex so if there aren’t any more of those left because Survivors cleansed them then it won’t activate. If NOED 3 is activated then you can one hit down Survivors. Pretty powerful.


I am going to go in the game and investiage some things, BRB but I wanted to let you know, that is not how I use insidious. I use it to trick taunting survivors in the exit gate to come out and search for me… Survivors want to T-Bag so badly I use it against them.

( I haul butt to the other side of the map chasing survivors (trying to get those 5 tokens needed to kill) , but that perk seems glitched, like I couldn’t get any further away, the opposite end of the map and I still didn’t get a token.)

Leatherface BBQ & Chili
Hags Hex Ruin
I will have to find No one Escapes death…

Currently the best teachable I would be able to buy is Save the best for last, but that’s a finnicky perk it grows up and ultimately down.

Great info ^.^ (oh my just looked at the hag… creepy)


As you play you’ll find out what each Killer’s weakness is and find perks that help with it.
Like for Huntress I usually run BBQ, Bitter Murmur, Nurse’s Calling and Stridor so I basically always am on someone. You don’t need Brutal Strength because you should never be breaking pallets unless you absolutely need to, because if someone drops a pallet you should be throwing an axe at them and be far enough away to not be stunned.

While Wraith I always put Brutal Strength on because I end up breaking the shit out of all the pallets in a chase most of the time just to get rid of them.


Doesnt that make it so you cant teleport tho? I don’t remember because I literally never use it because of that, but that does sound insane.


Can you explain this? His power makes it so survivors know to run to pallets before you can hit them and he moves the same speed as other killers so idk how he’s fast.

And the pallet part. That’s just the way pallets are right now, which is getting a small fix in an upcoming update.


Freddy routinely gets speed upgrades while he chases (his built in kit) and then you just equip an item to give speed boost on dream transition along with dropping transition time as well.


Yeah, it happened to me once too.

It didn’t end well…


Can someone please explain something for me too.

From Killer Perspective : When you are selecting items, they have things like decreases skill check chance or increases but the way its worded I am not sure which is the negative course for the survivors?

ex. Decrease Skill Check Chances… (is it decreasing box size? or are they showing up less?) ect…


They show up less, which makes it harder for the Survivor to wake up and leave the dream world.


Thank you for the clarification… I had to be sure… I read it two different ways… thank you thank you


Took me awhile to figure this out but now I know. What you’re talking about is bloodlust which every killer has. If you’re relying on bloodlust to do good and you’re somehow doing good in matches, then that just means the survivors are really bad. As you improve, you’ll realize why freddy is the worst killer in the game.

With that said he is supposed to be getting a major rework, as bhvr have said that what they’re doing for him is gonna take time and its more than just a number tweak.


I dont rely on it, i just found out how to use it effectively enough with freddy. Freddy attacks with his right arm, when people are jumping gates if you think your are just out of reach, do your attack and swing to the left, freddy claws will be close enough to get a hit on a survivor (even after they are practically over the barrier.

please remember… my gameplay is not 2 dimensional. So many people immediately think I have the same game play as Everyone else in games but when it boils down to it, I play things different with ideas that people just dont think of… they just dont get it. ^.^

… While people were talking with me with Evolve, so many people were pissed about how I played monster characters. But my out of the box thinking got me to gold tier monster fights.

(p.s pop opininon is he is a bad killer, but with my style… i disagree) Plus… i just like freddy.


Dunno if it’s been mentioned yet but DbD is free on PS+ this month.


It’s not that Freddy is bad, it’s that he’s weak in high rank play especially if it’s a SWF (Survive With Friends) team. You won’t see him used much once you get lower than Rank 10. Killers with better map control or one-hit downs tend to be more popular at that level.


but we all still love to play the wraith… (same thing said about her, poor thang) and to this day I will still defend her ability to win matches ^.^

Ranks, it resets so often climbing within the Killer cue takes a long time. The biggest issue I have had recently is survivors who are either invisible or vanish after being downed. With Feddy sometimes you have to troll around with the power extended and sure enough right in front of me it activated pulled in a soul and there was nobody there, then just as the shift into full sleep and they get that special blue highlight, they ran right past me at that moment.

So I went off and took care of the rest of the team… then… they were the last one… NOWHERE to be seen… So I start Trolling the level everywhere with power extended and boom… I get them and once again I only see them as the dream transition becomes complete… Finally, I down them and perform the self kill. Still though I havent ran into any perks that make the survivor invisible like that.

Dream I just had
All that aside real quick, I just had a Dream… I have been playing survivors and in my dream we were being chased by freddy, one of my teammates shoved me out of the way and they got struck… but in the dream people would change into demons… one of the people were like, did she get hit? and then with clenched arms she screams out a massive screech of transformation and becomes some 50ft tall plant beast thing. I Quickly turned to the person who saved me… I asked “didnt you get hit”. They said “dont worry” and they transformed into a beautiful rainbow demon butterfly bug… (kinda like a my little pony dash / bug demon" and they were still nice, and she carried me off to safety… then I woke up…


Well yeah, its hard to see people because they made it so fucking dark and foggy. The vibe is cool but I’d like them to tone it down somehow.


no were talking, no dark mist (offerings and stuff)… I put them asleep (they were wedged between a wall, the generator and I was standing there looking… … DIRECTLY like 1 foot in front of me… They were invisible… then later on the where I started spotting them after the sleep I knew what was happening.


that influx of PS4 players is really high


The PTB is live!


:unamused: I really wanted it to be genji.