Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


This is good, except for one thing.

McCote is going to be the boss of the game.

The same McCote that said Freddy was balanced after his nerfs and told players who thought playing Killer was stressful at higher ranks to go play Civilization. Pray for Killers guys. We could possibly be seeing a crapton of unnecessary Killer nerfs/Survivor buffs soon.


They announced it on the stream, the game is getting a revamp essentially and they’re able to get what they want more freely.

Year 3 Roadmap.

In summary, over the next 12 months, Dead by Daylight will be expanded and improved with:

  • 4 new survivors
  • 4 new killers
  • 4 new maps
  • A new progression system allowing players to unlock non-licensed survivors and killers by playing actively
  • New paid cosmetic items that won’t impact the gameplay with most of them unlockable by playing too, whether you play a lot or more casually.
  • A new ranking system for a more meaningful, more inclusive and more rewarding progress.
  • A new deployment process to trial new features and content on PC first, using PTB, meaning we can push it to all platforms as soon as it feels ready, rather than as soon as we can.
  • An anti-cheat reinforcement to help make Dead by Daylight a better place for all players.
  • A tutorial mode to improve new players’ onboarding and allow anyone to brush up their skills before going into ranked games.
  • Better tools to handle toxicity
  • Dedicated mid-chapter patches to make sure the content is as clean as possible, to look at some of the balancing element, but also to add quality of life improvements and polish when needed

Full article.


Ooh Dave looks so daddy in the video. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

It looks like the roadmap is going to follow R6S’s system for new content, unlocking and progression.


The roadmap and all the new announcements besides BHVR purchasing DbD surprised the heck out of me. I’m pretty hyped for year 3. I can’t wait to get more Doctor cosmetics. Hopefully this is the year that the reworks for the Hatch and Hex Totems happen. My only questions are that if we already own an original DLC chapter, will we still get a small bonus (such as instant access to one full set of cosmetics of your choice or bonus bloodpoints)? If we do get a little bonus, will console players also receive it, even though Doctor and Hag were free for consoles?


why would we be getting a bonus


I’m 70% certain if we already unlocked something we’ll be keeping them unlocked.


Miss Vangie.


someone actually went there I could not believe it


I have started playing as the survivors recently and this game can be so scary. I knew the killer was coming i just didnt realize they were next to me…

Running frantically away from the killer thinking I am in the clear… I dodge cleverly and line up in small nook to hide in… the second I was facing the wall and before I could even turn around to prepare I was struck down in the back with a machete…

The screen was so zoomed in where I was it made me scream out loud.


It can be like that when first starting. Even with 2500hours it can still be with some killers.

Always look back and worth when you’re in a chase. One to look at the killer and where to evade or pull a pallet down and another to calculate where you can go and so so you don’t run into a wall.


I read the backstory for the game and it was enough to creep me out. How do you play this game and not shit yourself?


So I heard today this is the free game of the month for PS4


yes it is im happy and very suprised about it maybe the Game will get more players now on console :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a shot. I never was upper excited about it but it’s pretty different from anything I’ve played so who knows.


Wait really? YES! I’m so excited. My depression over losing evolve will finally be over.

Question, how many free killers are there? I’m sure the franchise killers need to be bought, but the other killers are free right?


Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, and Huntress are free to my knowledge.

Clown, Hag, and Doctor can be bought with Iridescent shards, while the licensed killers need to be bought with real money.


Hag and doctor are “free” on console.


I bought the Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Kruger and It really pulled me into the game a lot more.

just checked, if you are going to buy a character that you can by with shards, you need to save 9k


Ah, I didn’t know. I play on PC lol


Hag is my love