Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread




I’m not sure why people doubted those leaks, they looked real as fuck to me. Especially the model of David Tapp. I really wish they had kept her hood up, it would have looked cooler IMO.

She’s scary though, pops up out of fucking nowhere lol


I thought the leaks were legit, but I only ever saw the one of Jigsaw’s Baptism.


Not on PS4 yet. Sony is dragging their butts for the 500,634,452,653,520,962,591,452nd time.


Overwatch got their update fine. This isn’t the first time with late dlc either, so this is bhvr taking their sweet ass time. But its out now so it don’t matter at this point. Until the next dlc that is.



guess I’m toxic for doing a legit strategy oh well


Samination did another dbd video.


What strategy did you use?


I was the pig and the survivor was an obsession so he obviously has d strike and I was not gonna let him have it. I was able to hook him 3 times by dropping and picking him up over and over to the hook to get him killed. Had there been no nearby hooks this wouldn’t of worked but it did so sucks to suck.


My strat as the killer… (freddy)

extreme terror radius
Bring my terror radius down to zero when still for 2 secs
see survivors when hooked.

Then, as freddy I will hook a survivor (they loose sight of me at that point)
then I will run around making the sound change up a bit
then I will stand still near my hooked player reducing terror radius to zero
then when they are freed or try too, I attack whomever is convenient

Camping? yes… but its clever confusing camping with massive jump scares



Doesn’t that make it really easy for survivors to do gens more quickly?


Insidious is kind of a waste on Freddy since it doesn’t remove his song. People will know you’re camping the moment they hear the song and either leave, try and distract you, or let you hit them before going for the save so Borrowed Time can activate. The Survivors can also gen rush and complete 2-3 gens when they figure out you are camping the hook. If I were you, I would keep BBQ and Chili and Distressing, but drop Insidious and run Remember Me and NOED 3 because Freddy is countered so easily. The chances of all five gens not being repaired are low against decent players, so having a strong end game can save you. If a Survivor tries to open the gates while he/she’s asleep and is not the Obsession, it will take over a minute to open them. That’s more than enough time to find them and (hopefully) down them in one hit with NOED. You can’t risk going all the way across the map for that second hit while another Survivor opens either gate with such a weak Killer like Freddy.

Against high rank players or a semi-coordinated team, you’re screwed. Unless they are overly altruistic, then they’ll know to gen rush if you camp.


but they don’t hear the song in zero foot radius its worked amazingly well.


or just playing freddy against high rank survivors at all



It will be interesting to see what, if anything, big changes from this. Will they stop going the Hollywood sellout DLC route? Maybe even go back to originality. Either that, or the publisher thinks they messed up pretty bad and don’t mind getting rid of their title. Either way, interesting. I still believe that DbD had a decent premise at the core, but it got ruined because of things…


I’ve been playing it religiously for the last year, and its been a great big fun experience.
It’s just the updates in the last couple months have been horrible.


These broken updates could’ve been because of starbreeeze trying to rush out updates. Usually this will be a good thing so we’ll see.

The games been doing fine and has a perfectly strong playbase. There have been issues but clearly it hasn’t been hurting bad so idk what makes you think dbd ain’t doing good anymore.


My opinion. Personally I find a lot of things that are ‘popular’ are usually subpar quality wise. Transformers is hardly a good film, for instance, but it makes millions. Movies like Annihilation get shoved out of theaters and straight to netflix and its really good.