Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


I really hope it’s not the hooded pig mask version lol I want the doll and I want the Survivor to be named Gary


I love that video btw :slight_smile:

The bathroom scene is just Ace.


That’s what I said. Didn’t they say on the last dev stream that the next Killer would be an original one?


Nope they said nothing. They weren’t allowed to talk about it nor to confirm anything. The only that was shown was one of the killer perk icons and its description along with a survivor perk description.


Pics of the new map


Supposed data mine:


His power sounds powerful. Jigsaw might become one of my secondary mains (No one can replace zappy boi with his angelic giggles) Hopefully BHVR won’t listen to to the Rank 20s and nerf him into the ground like they did with Freddy. RIP Freddy 2017-2017.


So it is really Jigsaw whit the Pigmask O.O But yeah this was the most possible one . The Normal Jigsaw didnt kill ppl whit his Hand and Puppet ( i wanted to see ) is just impossible as a Killer xD


It’s Jigsaw (the original)'s niece. The second killer. Not the cop.


ohh didnt know i didnt watched the SAW Movies they are not my Horror Movies i was interesting for ( maybe i will watch some later ) ^^ But why did they have make SAW first i really find it cool but i really wanted to see Pennywise or Pinhead more this Game needs a Killer Clown :stuck_out_tongue:


They better add Ghostface from Scream. I loveeeeee Ghostface.


yeah Ghostface wouldd be awesome they can make his abilites something whit telephons :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe there are Telephons on the Map and if the survivor are in the near of one and in ur Radius the Killer would hear a ring and can teleport to the Survivor or something like this xD


Isn’t that the hag?


Oh, yeah the Jigsaws wear Pig Masks when they hunt down and knock out people they want to trap.

The three killers were the original, John(?), his niece, and then this detective guy. I’ve only seen like one Saw movie, but I still know a decent bit of the lore.

You’ll like the grossness of the Reverse Bear Traps. :slight_smile:


kinda like her but more sneaky the Survivor didnt would hear it if they are in the radius of the telefon but if Ghostface teleport they will hear his terror radius and his music so they know he is coming :stuck_out_tongue: not my best idea im not a Game Designer but this was the only thing i hv through xD


OMG, I just had my best DbD moment yet. I was Doc at Mother’s Dwelling. One Survivor had committed suicide on the hook instead of struggling. The other three had repaired 4 gens, leaving only one left. I find a Nea and injure her. She then runs to the basement with me in hot pursuit. When we get there, she points at the locker in the top left corner. I down her and then check the locker to find a Jake hiding there! She screwed over her teammate in hopes that I’d ignore her and check the locker (Which I didn’t, if I see a Survivor who is injured and doing nothing I will down them and then check the locker). I hooked them both and made a beeline for the Hatch. I remembered a Dwight had gone in its direction. The Nea died as soon as I got there. I start kicking the gen when the Hatch opens. I stop and turn around to see Dwight running toward the Hatch. I let him jump in, but then I pull him out, denying him the escape! But right before I put them on my shoulder, the Dwight rage quits. I freaked out when I pulled him out and I was laughing when he rage quit.

I let him jump in because that was the only way Doc would grab Dwight instead of hitting him (I will never give anyone an escape. You have to earn it against me). Even if he had been injured I still would’ve let him jump before I grabbed him because didn’t know if he had brought Dead Hard. I also get more BP for catching them.


OMG the Leaks was Real O.O

and the best thing the Saw Puppet is in the Game too :slight_smile:


And it officially comes out on the 23rd, the day Jigsaw comes to Blu-ray. Saw fans will be very happy tomorrow.


It is now live on steam. So everywhere else should be ready.


Sickkkkk, I can’t buy it yet, but sickkkkkk.