Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


I like freddy… Both pre and Post the nerfs.

The initial … dream transistion with the killer taking an instant swipe was pretty cheap.

That being said, the changes make FREDDY fell like he belongs in the game style now. (although the jump scares are gone)

I have been using Insidious and it does MARVELS for Freddy!


game is fun.


My friend and Myers had a bonding moment. …ish.


I bought yesterday Dead By Daylight. I like the concept and gameplay.

But as we had to play against Freddy it was very unfun. Everything feels unfair against him.
Maybe it’s just a skill gab from our side and we just don’t know how to fight against him.


Freddy is actually considered one of the worst killers. I think he’s okay, but his ability doesn’t really help with much aside from avoiding being blinded.


At my low rank in random matchmaking he always wins very easy. To play against the other Killers is way more fun.


Your teammates should probably coordinate a bit better regarding that then, because they can wake you up if he puts you to sleep. Freddy is more easily countered by sticking together, whereas other killers require a more spread out approach.

Like, when facing Leatherface or Michael, spreading out is a better tactic, because they are better at getting those one shots, while Freddy’s ability is actually weaker when they stay together.


Ok then this is the problem in random matchmaking you often dont have voice-chat.


See, that could be an issue, lol. The two worst killers in the game are definitely the Wraith and Freddy. Basically anything that doesn’t aid you in a chase or to secure a kill is considered UP in this game, tbh.

It could be argued that the Doctor is just as bad, since his ability does no damage and doesn’t grant added mobility and therefore doesn’t provide easier kills, but you also have to factor in that he is the easiest to find survivors with, except maybe the Hag.


Freddy is horrible. He makes Wraith look decent. At least Wraith can defend objectives easily. Freddy has to wait five to nine seconds (depending on if you have add-ons, standard time is 7 seconds) for a Survivor to fall asleep so he can interact with them. When they’re awake, he can do absolutely nothing to them. They can finish repairing a gen or opening a gate while you wait for them to fall asleep. Once you gain even a minuscule amount of skill, he should be a cakewalk.

TBH all of the Survivors should start the game in the Dream World and stay there. It’d be more in line with the movies. Once you enter Freddy’s world, you can’t hide. You can only run.


So… he wouldn’t have a power?


Either that or his power could inflict status effects on the Survivor.



Are they really putting in a jigsaw character? These devs…


I really hope it’s not the hooded pig mask version lol I want the doll and I want the Survivor to be named Gary


I love that video btw :slight_smile:

The bathroom scene is just Ace.


That’s what I said. Didn’t they say on the last dev stream that the next Killer would be an original one?


Nope they said nothing. They weren’t allowed to talk about it nor to confirm anything. The only that was shown was one of the killer perk icons and its description along with a survivor perk description.


Pics of the new map


Supposed data mine:


His power sounds powerful. Jigsaw might become one of my secondary mains (No one can replace zappy boi with his angelic giggles) Hopefully BHVR won’t listen to to the Rank 20s and nerf him into the ground like they did with Freddy. RIP Freddy 2017-2017.