Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


Well, to be fair, that’s just WWE.

But anytime I see someone teabagging in one of my custom Overwatch games, it’s an automatic warning, even if they are on my team. If they either respond shittily, or if I see them do it again, they’re gone. No exceptions.


That’s why I enjoy DBD on XB, there’s no chat. Once in a while I get a message, but then I just report it and block them :slight_smile:


I get so many damn messages it’s funny.

Question, is it really “toxic” and “unfair” to hook camp as a killer? I mean, how the hell else am I supposed to stop the slippery bastards from breaking each other off the damn hook?


You don’t stop them from unhooking, at least how I play. I just hook them and book it wherever BBQ & Chili tells me to go. Usually by the time that person is off the hook I’ve already hit and am chasing another.


I would say no. In the end it’s not a good strategy if you hook camp because at most you’ll only get one person. But that is just because both sides like to wine about things as being toxic. Personally, I think the ‘toxic’ things are mostly on the survivors such as tea bagging exits. I also 100% disagree that SWF should have been a thing. Just do custom games if you want to play with friends. The game is not balanced around voice comms and can create stupid imbalances.


Welp, Freddy’s terrible. Hope survivors are happy.
RIP you only lasted a week


I’ve played three matches with Freddy. My first I got 4/4, my second I got 2/4, and my third I got 0/4 (which is very rare for me), so I don’t know how to feel about him.


It would help if I had BBQ & Chili lol.


Dude, yeah, it’s awesome. I mainly use it because of the extra bloodpoints


He’s low tier now. He’s so weak, it’s even easier to wake up now, you don’t even need to fail a heal skill check, if you heal you’re good to go. You can’t even do your damage without putting them to sleep, he’s by far one of the slowest if not the slowest killers to kill. I don’t think he was that crazy strong to begin with. Against Rank 1’s forget about it, gg.


I mean, I’m Rank 15 and have no idea what changes they made to him since they first entered him into the game, so I have no idea how hard they nerfed him. If I had a list of differences between old and new Freddy I could probably better assess how I feel about him.


Yo so noob question but how does the Shrine work? I bought a perk from it the other day and I thought it would ask what killer I wanted to give it to since it’s teachable, but no such luck. None of my killers have the particular perk I bought, and I feel like I just wasted over 500 of my shard things.


Once you get a teachable that just means that it now has the chance to show up in any bloodweb.
It’s nice if you want a perk like Thanotophobia but don’t want to level the Nurse to get it, you can just get it when it’s in the Shrine.


I got you here’s all the nerfs
Increased The Nightmare’s terror radius from 16 to 24 meters. Increasing the Terror radius allows for survivors to have more room to maneuver around Freddy without having their aura seen. We’ve matched the Terror Radius and Lullaby to keep The Nightmare’s presence consistent at a base.

Increased The Nightmares slowdown when successfully putting someone to sleep from 1 to 3 seconds. The slowdown will be more present and give survivors a slight window to put distance between themselves and Freddy before they are asleep.

Nightmare’s Red Paint Brush add-on reduces terror radius by 16 meters instead of 8 meters, this is an adjustment since we increased the terror radius to 24 meters as a base for Freddy.

Removed the ability to wake up a survivor in crawl state. Now when healed to the injured state they will automatically be woken up. Also applicable when using the Unbreakable perk

Survivors with the Adrenaline perk at all Tiers will automatically be woken up from the Dream State when Adrenaline triggers. Adrenaline tiers 1 and 2 gain the ability to heal from dying as well as Tier 1 gains a 5 second sprint on activation. Updated description in English only


Those don’t sound very substantial to me if I’m honest, considering that the nerds aren’t necessarily things that I personally have an issue with, aside from the terror radius thing.


Yeah the terror radius nerf was fine since the aura reading is still super powerful. Plus m&a exist. The wake up buffs are pretty situational so they’re not really anything to worry about. I find freddy fun tho. I’m only rank 12 or something right now, so as I get higher in rank I imagine playing freddy will be harder.


get it when you can (it was in the shrine last week) it helps reduce the grind by a lot. (survivors will still accuse you of camping tho)


I can’t remember if that’s what I bought last week.


That is beautiful.


That’s actually pretty cunty. Bleed out for dying survivors take a bit of time. Why couldn’t you just sacrifice them all? The game would end faster and you’d get more points so like what