Dead By Daylight Main Discussion Thread


Just noticed that there isn’t a main discussion thread for Dead By Daylight anywhere here on the forums (that isn’t ages old or closed) so I decided to make this as a main thread to talk about the game in general. Post clips, images, questions, or new reveals as you please.


RIP Freddy Kruger 2017-2017
Cause of death: Survivors not wanting to adapt to him and not use stealth
Just look around, all you’ll see is people complaining about nerf saying that Survivors didn’t want to adapt.


No shut up the killer mains have to "adapt " and “git gud” now because the survivors can’t


To be fair there is a main thread, and it’s not inactive.


Do you know when Freddy releases on console?


That’s a thread specifically to discuss Freddy coming to DBD, which he states in the first two sentences he was forced to make because the older primary discussion threads have been closed, or would be a necro if posted into.


Nah he needed some of the changes.

Free Deerstalker was definitely not needed.

Him being able to move just as fast as a survivor after tagging them and being literally inside them as the transition finished was just broken to play against. I’d be like wraith being able to hit you every time even if you did try to run away while he uncloaks or Billy and LF instantlly hitting you with their chainsaw with no movement penalty while charging.

Freddy however does need reworks (buffs) so he has more map presence rather than have all his power in his chasing.


Ah. I thought that WAS the main one and it just changed it’s title. What happened to the main one?


The team probably forgot they didn’t bring Lazarus.


Well I made one a long time ago but it hasn’t been posted on since April. Then more were made and they were all closed, or they weren’t primary discussion topics.


Maybe I’m thinking of the Dead by Daylight coming to console topic? I dunno. I’m just a weird cow.


You say Freddy being inside you is a problem while transition to the dream world but if the killer was any other Killer at all he would have already hit you in the time that happened. As for the aura reading it could be nerfed a little.


TBH I’ve always thought Deerstalker should be something that all Killers have automatically (Not Freddy’s version of it), no perk required. In slasher movies, the killer always seems to know where you are somehow. The perk could be changed to either letting it reveal Survivor auras when standing near them (Required distance from the Survivor would probably have to be changed) or it could just increase the range of Deerstalker (since all Killers would automatically be able to read the auras of dying Survivors within 36 meters, an example of what the new values could be for the perk is 48/60/72. It probably would never be that high though).

Freddy has to wait 5-9 seconds for the Survivor to fall asleep (depending on add-ons) so he can attack. Semi-decent players can get out of his range before they fall asleep. Newbs might not be able to. TydeTyme pretty much sums what I think about most of the nerfs in this video.


But the thing is, EVERY KILLER gets a movement penalty when charging or using their abilities (trapper and hag have to set theirs up first) this movement penalty are all in place so the survivors have the time to decide to either burst away sprinting or attempt to juke the killer. There is counter play to the other abilities, for Freddy even you’re vaulting he more often then not can hit you as you go into the dream state.

Coupled with the fact that he is INVISIBLE and his lullaby ISN’T DIRECTIONAL, he can easily use his ability on top of you giving you even less time to “counter” him. This is where why most people hate playing against Freddy. He’s simply too strong in perusing survivors, this leaves to very toxic plays because Freddy lacks map pressure this encourages him to tunnel one survivor. Causing the problem where he is weaker in higher ranks of play, because he is all pursue and no pressure.


Pretty sure he’ll be getting the same version as it is on pc right now (pre-nerfs), what with QA taking so long.


It should come out this week I think maybe Tuesday or Thursday


Freddy… RIP…
Rank one’s freddy already weak, but what to do…


Ya. This was one of the reasons why even if they fixed my gripes I’m still not super interested. BOTH sides have such toxic childish behavior imo. I once got trolled hard by a premade and only killed 2 of the players, the other 2 more or less got away but I didn’t chase them to the 't-bagging exit. I left my computer running and they were still in the game 20 minutes later t-bagging the exit. I was like, really?


If SWF rush gen each and every match, u can get most 1-2 kills per match.

60-90secs pallet loop- x3(Hook 3 times), Easily 3-5mins wasted.


True, and I think a 50% kill ratio is a good balance. But people are just toxic about it.