Dead By Daylight: Evolve ripoff, or something else entirely?


So I know there’s already a topic about DbD, but this thread isn’t just about that. It goes into questions regarding other games; not just Evolve, but 4v1 as a legitimate genre. There’s no doubt in my mind that DbD was influenced by Evolve; but just how deep does that influence run?

First, let’s look at the case for DbD as an Evolve ripoff. Both games consist 4v1 rounds of hide-and-seek. 4 players assume the role of humans who must avoid dying to the 5th player, who is a big monster that has to kill the humans to satisfy a mysterious objective. In both games, there are various different classes of monster, each with special abilities and necessary strategies. The human team must work together if they’re to succeed; but in the end-game, they don’t all have to be alive. In addition, the humans are comprised of various named characters. Hell, both games even have a monster called “Wraith” that turns invisible and has scythe-like weapons!

Looking at this, my initial inclination is that it’s just an Evolve copycat that, sadly, will likely become more popular than its predecessor–but is it really?

This isn’t really anything new in gaming. MOBAs ultimately have their origin in the a custom Starcraft map, but they were popularized by League of Losers–er, Legends. This game, however, actually came after the less-popular DotA. The two games are suspiciously similar; both have big maps with 3 lanes, down which AI-propelled minions run. The players must “push” these lanes to take down enemy towers so they can reach their main objective: the enemy team’s structure, which must be destroyed for victory. In-between the lanes, there are grand areas inhabited by creatures which players can kill in order to progress. Both games operate on a system in which players grow stronger throughout the match, buying items and investing points in abilities as they level up. XP and currency are obtained by killing minions, jungle monsters, and enemy players.

So did LoL rip off DotA? I’d have to say yes. However, that was waaaay back. Since then, developers might have learned that a formula established by another game is grounds for an entire new genre. From Team Fortress’s formula of a class-based FPS, for example, have we gotten Overwatch, Battleborn, and Paladins. Did all of these games rip off TF? It’s possible, but they may simply have been influenced by an already-existing format.

Such may be the case with DbD. Behavior interactive might have seen the grand potential of 4v1 as such a format. Perhaps they quite liked Evolve, and thought the concept well-polished and bearing grand promise; or perhaps they just saw a good idea and resolved to make their own spin on the idea–not necessarily in an attempt to ride on another game’s genius, but perhaps in an innocent stride of creativity. Such may give way to other games of the sort in the future.

Also, could anyone tell me how to make a poll? Please? It would be good for this thread.


From what I know about that that game, it uses a similar 4v1 gamemode but does it differently. So I wouldn’t say it ripped Evolve off.

The role of the humans in DbD is very different to Evolve. Mainly, their job is to run and hide. In Evolve the 4 hunts the 1, not the other way around.

Moreover the balance of power is very different. Evolve (TU09 even more-so) focuses on big fights between the 2 sides. That’s how you win; killing the other side in a fight. In DbD the humans can’t directly fight and have to rely on escaping from the monster. You can’t fight the monster, slow it down or evade it. The way they win is activating generators and escaping the compound.

The gameplay in DbD is also easier to understand. The game uses the archetypes of many horror films as it’s base, making the core gameplay instantly recognisable to many people. The soon-to-be-horribly-murdered college students have to run, hide and evade. The escaped murderer/monster/nasty person has to kill them all. Evolve on the other hand is much harder to learn and understand.


Different game by far. Played the Beta and almost the only thing they share is the 4v1 concept, which Evolve didn’t start (asymmetric multiplayer)


The only thing that they share is the asymmetrical multiplayer, other than that they’re very different game and geared towards different people.

Though some Evolve tactics can dramatically help you in DbD.
Like playing as the killer you have to think and move like a Hunter, meanwhile playing as the survivors you’re basically a monster a really weak and defenseless monster kinda like Brohemeth on his launch day, but you can cheese the windows to your advantage and juke the killers/hunters for days.

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I can’t say ripoff, nor can I say something entirely different. I feel like the 4v1 aspect was indeed heavily inspired by Evolve, but it’s kind of a reverse-evolve, where the hunters are being hunted rather than the hunters hunting.

The game is objective based on both sides, but the survivors have 2 winning conditions as opposed to the killer having only one.

The winning conditions for the survivors are: Activate 5 (by default, it balances the less or more people playing) generators, open the exit and run. The second winning condition is if there is only ONE survivor left, he must find the randomly placed hatch, open it up and gtfo.
The killer’s winning condition is simple: Kill them all.
As far as I know there is no timer, more to come on that though- @Azmi_Anuar probably knows more about it than me.


Not a ripoff at all.

4vs1 was not invented by Evolve.
Assymetrical gameplay was not invented by Evolve.
Hunting was not invented by Evolve.

Honestly it shares far more traits with games like Depth or Damned.

If this game is a ripoff by your standards, we should sue TRS because the Monsters in Evolve look vaguely similar to some player creations in SPORE.


How long has 4v1 been a thing? I don’t think most people were familiar with such games until Evolve became a thing; hence this entire post.


Bioware’s Shadow Realms game was also working as a 4v1 but got scrapped because EA was like “nah focus on swtor or something” ;_;
But yeah, 4v1 has been popping up only recently afaik- after Evolve it seems.



Thank you for bringing me into this. :smile: Now let me enlighten this thread.

Correct there is no timer, since a survivor have more than one way to win, the objectives of the game are pretty straight forward and easy to understand gameplay unlike Evolve. Like so many of you have stated.
The game uses a lot of horror tropes and this makes the game very easy to pick up, because will to survive is at the core of living creature.
You don’t need to play 140+ hours just to understand how to play, because a lot of it is instinctual.

This I think is the core of what makes the game so fun, because there’s so many psychological aspects to it and unlike Friday The 13th The Game (so far from what I’ve seen) this puts strong emphasis on those tropes but it still makes it a game that really offers depth and experimenting. TL/DR is more straightforward and like an actual game.


Yes the only thing they share is the 4v1 concept, which obviously Evolve didn’t invent nor popularize. Because there are probably a good number of asymmetrical games out there, the only game I can pull out of my ass right now is the cancelled Fable: Legends. :frowning2:

But overall there doesn’t seem to be that many interest in asymmetrical niche, because its twice the work/resources and twice the balance for most devs to do. So it’s very insensible for most to do.

Ah another nice example. Yes approaching the game from a hunter and monster stand of point can help you get into the game if you’re not familiar with the slasher genre or hunting/mind games.
The role of prey and predator is swapped entirely between the two games. But do notice a correlation between the two other than the 4v1 aspect, you play long enough and you will notice that the solo side will stomp the team side at the early levels, while the team hunter/survivor will dominate at the higher level of play.

I must check out this title.

When you really think about it, L4D is asymmetrical not in a numbered sense but in that both sides play very differently.

It seems that the industry aren’t too fond of the 4v1 concept, probably due to them being a risky hit-and-miss kind of thing.

Don’t know much of Fable, but I totally can see myself playing this game. Especially with the cross-platform game.


One of my favorite streamers is playin


I’ll check it out.