Dead body bug? (Most occurring with Lazarus of course)


I’ve noticed that while playing Lazarus, dead hunters’ bodies frequently glitch into the map and respawn far away. One memorable occasion, I went to go revivify my Trapper, then watched as his body despawned and reappeared 800 (YES EIGHT HUNDRED) meters in the air. It fell swiftly and landed on top of some mountain that was definitely unclimbable. Half a minute later, his body decayed and I was met by a barrage of insults and foul language describing how bad I was at running Lazarus.

For the sake of all Lazarus players, please remove this glitch. It’s annoying and most certainly game-breaking. The revivifier is the MAIN REASON people choose that character, and it’s not fair when they don’t even have a chance to use it.

I’m on Xbox One


Happened to me twice, witnessed it happen over a dozen times.
As the game is now, Lazarus is unplayable. Not over exaggerating like a lot of people are with various things in this game. Laz simply should never ever be played by anyone until it is patched.

Here’s a 30 second clip showing it happen:

I’m on Xbox.


Just had a game where two dead bodies just disappeared. Monster didn’t eat them, as he was under constant pressure, but bodies just disappeared with laz on the team.

Cost us the game too.


It’s strange- so many bugs have popped up that weren’t in Beta, Alpha, the other Alpha, or the many hundreds of Dev testing hours.


Weird right? You think we would at least see SOMETHING like this in the pre-production stage


Exaclty, but no- nothing. Hell, the Beta was cleaner than this. Strange.


“This video is private” :frowning:


Fixed, sorry about that


I’ve had this happen frequently also.


This is a very frustrating glitch that makes Lazarus useless. Please fix turtle rock!


I have also experienced this bug. The bodies ended up disappearing and appearing 200+ meters away. The monster was attempting to eat the bodies but we were constantly shooting him and it still was gone. No decoy out or anything.