Dead bodies under map. Poor laz


After playing as laz for hundreds of matches i have noticed that crow out of all of the hunters falls through the map the most. The other hunters only fall through the map 1 out of 50 games while crow falls under 45 out of 50 matches.

Edit #1: i have also found that griffin flies straight up after dying then lands in some random place on the map.

This is on PC

And yes im talking about once they die.


This bug happens to me on the Xbox One. :frowning:


Yes… This bug is pretty annoying, and sadly common.


The need to replace his cloak with a damn shovel at this point. Let him use this strategicly.


This bug keeps Laz from being viable competitively. Well this and Torvald still being banned form ESL, those bastards…

But seriously nothing makes Lazarus more unattractive than knowing that no matter how well you play there is always a chance that a random glitch can ruin your match,


Very frustrating bug indeed.
Although I gotta say it is sweet playing Laz when it don’t occur.
Yesterday I prolly had the best Laz game in a long long while; trolled a Kraken that tried to get an easy win at stage1 only to have him run until stage 3 and troll him some more at the power relay (On a side note, Bucket was on the team doing his job phenomenally) :smile:


Get used to it, it’s been around since Beta and it will still be there until it’s all said and done.
If only hunters didn’t ragdoll and had a dying animation like the monster, they wouldn’t clip through solid Earth!



Why is Torvald banned from the ESL?

Also I think the best team to take with a Laz is Cabot and Parnell with Abe or Griffin. Loooooots of DPS and constant hindering CC. Punish him for bodycamping, help Laz survive.


Because the monster players in the ESL aren’t skilled enough to counter him. ^.^


Y’know I played a bunch of Cabot tonight and I gotta admit I’m starting to love hm all over again. I’m going to ask our Support (When it’s not me) in our group to roll Cabbage (Muahaha! I said it! >:) ) so I can do Laz, see if you’re on to something there, Midnight :smiley:



He is banned because he is DLC. I don’t know if it is just blanket policy they are carrying over to Evolve (unaware of how frequent balance updates occur) or what. It kind of sucks though because I have to say, my best Assault vs Kraken is Torvald because aiming those mortars to hit on the arc, isn’t so hard for me…


Careful though. Parnell is typically the worst assault with most players.


Yeah I stick w/ Markov (Personal favorite being the main reason) plus I have the worst luck as Parnell most of the time (That or I’m going against a Kraken. That sh*ts infuriating hehe)

I LIKE Parnell, he’s a total power trip during SS, but I just like the other Assaults more from an entertainment standpoint :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, we get a Parnell who pulls his weight I’ll happily play with him, no complaints! I usually at least let a guy show what he’s got with a “Less than popular” pick before I start baggin on the Hunter :wink:


This happens to wildlife and hunters alike. Almost every second game i encounter this… soo, not that uncommon.


They tried this but Hydes death animation was deemed to vulgar.


Vulgar or not, he wasn’t 1260m under the map!
You raise an interesting point though, I’d like to see this animation :open_mouth:


I had a game recently where I played Laz… Had 1 body fall through the map and 3 or 4 others warp 200 meters away upon death. I was pretty useless.


I don’t mind when bodies warp away, because the monster can’t body camp. I’ve ran 200 meters to revive someone and I could tell the monster was baffled when they came back.


My thoughts exactly.


I’ve had a Parnell fall through the map three times in a row around the same area, on and below the elevated platform beside the Barracks relay. His body was being stomped on by leap smashes.