Deactivate my account

How do I deactivate my account ?

Email the thingy and give them your username and password. I’m sure a mod or leader can tell you what the email address is.

If I may ask, why do you want to delete your account?

B-but don’t you love us D:

It’s okay, he’ll just pull a Rapterror and come back a week and a half later.

Well it’s because I can’t post nothing and I can’t do the requirements

What do you mean? You posted this and made the t tot her thread. What requirements?

5.6. Cancellation or Suspension by You. You have the right to terminate any Account registered to you at any time. You may terminate any Account registered to you by emailing TRS at

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Requirements? Can’t post anything? You’ve been posting stuff. Are you talking about the restrictions as new member? Because you can easily get bumped to “Member” status and gain all the same privileges as any forum member.

Just give it some time. The system just want to be sure that you are not here to spam and post inappropriate pictures. You’ll be able to share your artwork and other things in no time.


Don’t give up so soon D: you’ll pass the requirements in no time. You only need to be level one to post pictures.

It’s not that friend, it seems like you’re a little confused, please, check this thread out:

And what @Bot said it’s correct.

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Cool :slight_smile: thanks


The thingy ?

You email this. Still, you should stay! We love you, Jacob. :sob:

Good lad… :heart_eyes:

Just bare with it. You’ll earn Member soon and have the same privileges as others. :slight_smile: