De-Ranked in Evolve


I got De-Ranked from a level 18 to a level 1 in Evolve and all my accolades and character progression and even my monster progression got wiped clean. Now i have to restart everything even my level, has this happened to anyone else? and does anybody know the cause of it?


You are on Xbox One don’t you ?

Because yes this problem is knew and they can’t bring back your levels etc… But you’ll have all the characters unlocked, that the only thing they can do


Hiya, unfortunately this is a very well known bug and from what I have heard there is a patch being released this week. You can refer to this sticky for known bugs.

There is help for you. They can not currently give you back your levels but they can get you back your unlocks. You have to contact 2K support and they can help you.

Support Website:

I’m sorry this has happened to you. I wish you best of luck.


well how can i unlock all the characters? i tried contacting 2K but they dont respond to me, its so sad now i have to do everything all over again :frowning:


Thank You :smile: