DCing and points


So im curious have they ever brought up something about DCing and losing connection and losing points for it?

I’ve been having internet problems the past two days, and because of it lost points I DC’d out of like 5-6 games so im curious if there is a fix or something that can be done or i just got gg’d?


To be honest I don’t think there is much that can be done. Not sure whether it would be possible for the server to know the difference between leaving and dc’ing. I do feel your pain though, I used to have terrible internet connection too. It is really annoying. I would advise you to try to forget about your rank. Just try to play for fun. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you do this. :slightly_smiling:


I do enjoy when I saw my a bronze elite go to destroyer, Silver skilled, Silver Expert and soon silver master D:


^This^ is the thing most often forgotten about playing video games: we play for fun. (Well, most people anyway.) I always try not to let things get to me and enjoy the game. It helps a lot!


I can imagine. There’s no way i would make it to silver master so I can only dream. :smile:


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