DC Super Hero Girls | Nika Futterman (Sunny) Voices Hawkgirl


This is actually pretty awesome how did I just know about this today.

@HarleyQuinn you’ll love this, Tara Strong is voicing Harley.

Official Website.


What even. I can’t say I don’t like it, but it’s strange. I’m a little surprised it has so many famous voice actors. Doesn’t seem that incredibly popular.



And we get this stuff instead of Justice League stuff…

Hell even Young Justice was getting good.


Just like Star Wars The Clone Wars was getting REALLY good and that stopped and now we have Star Wars Rebels (not that it’s bad but not as good at the moment) and just ARGH!

I swear…

I mean I’m not bashing on this series but it’s just like a big fat “Really?”

Only girls and Super duper hardcore DC fans would watch this but my dad and I are big Super Hero guys but this is like a nerd-turn-off.

We could have Justice League quality things but instead we get this kind of thing going on?

Oy… and I thought I couldn’t get more angry tonight…


Well… it’s not like this show is stopping other DC cartoon shows from existing. Why do you assume it is?


Yeah and its a webshow only show, we’ll probably never even see this on TV because of publishing rights as well as intellectual properties.

So this show won’t discredit or disrespect the other DC cartoons.

Besides they already of that Teen Titans-Go going for them which is miles away dumb downed from this. This show at least respected its source material to some degree and drops comic verse lore into the show.


The show is a web-series only show. It doesn’t involve any Warner Bros team that works on the TV content for DC Properties.

The show was made for the DC Superhero Girls doll line, they’re trying to get young girls more interested in DC properties and from here can really get them interested in the DC-verse.

I only think its a positive step that they’re appealing to girls, something that (unaware of) that Marvel isn’t doing or has a market in yet.

A potential for a bigger demographic in the future from this success will make for a more diverse universe.


Puddin!!! :blush:



I wonder if Pudding will be in the show?


Oh look, it’s Harley Sparkle.



i’m your wacky class clown!


of course i will!!!


Is this made by the creators of monster high


Seems like it.
Avoiding it just the same. :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured that out after research