Day time fusion plant?!?!?!


skip to 1:36 and look around. Is that day light on the fusion plant?? its so much darker in the previous clips before and after that so it has to be the morning or something, can just be that the player has turned up the birghtness cuz if you look up in the sky, its really bright meaning there is a sun up there somewhere
@MacMan wanna help out :smile:


Could it be the clear skies effect?


whats that?


Map effect from evacuation that removes the general overcastiness of maps and stops the random weather effects
This thread gives a contrast for the fusion plant


Definitely clear skies. It can do so much for a map’s appearance!


Clear skies is amazing, is there a playlist with only clear sky maps? Oh and thanks magik boom and takran for letting me now!


You can add it as a map effect for custom games and from this create your own playlist, but it’s only for maps adjacent to the weather control map. So I think only 3, or 4 can have it


Yep, as we all said, Clear Skies does this. i really like the effect it has, though I prefer the original.


As someone who loves to take screenshots, I’m going to love Clear skies.


Just to confirm… that is clear skies effect!


“Excuse me, Goliath, would you kindly refrain from this senseless battery on my person? I am attempting to capture the essence of Shear itslef…”


Clear skies and Fair weather both make maps look pretty different. The lighting is changed and cloudy look at the top of the maps is gone. We like running that in some of our custom games.


Yeah… Happens.