Day and Night Cycles?


I was wondering in the final launch of the game if there will be Day and Night Cycles? I saw that most gameplay was at night at e3 and Pax, but in the interactive trailer it seems a bit more in the daytime and a lighter environment. Can any Dev give light(haha) to this question? :sunny: :waxing_crescent_moon:


I’m betting all the maps will be night-time maps, if only to help with the monster’s concealment. It also increases the chances of hunters blundering into dangerous wildlife.


I thought it changed time of day with each evolution


Time to watch e3 videos again :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like Jungle Ruin is during the day to me, it’s very overcast though. It has that filtered grey look to it from the clouds.

I hope they keep bleak and slightly oppressive in all maps. I’d rather not go hunting a Goliath in a happy, rainbow filled, map. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve got some nice variety in terms of time of day. @FrontlinerDelta will be happy to hear that there are no happy rainbow filled maps. :smiley:


Double rainbow all the way!


Indeed I am! I personally liked the atmosphere of L4D1 a lot more than L4D2.


But… I wanted to go to Candy Mountain… And eat rainbow Unicorns to become the Best Goliath Ever… Instead of fire, he shoots skittles! :open_mouth:


A map set a dusk, with the setting sun casting lots of long, stark shadows would be great. Lots of dark recesses for the monster to lurk in, but if he makes a run for it he may be silhouetted against the bright sky.


Beautiful AND atmospherically terrifying!