Day and night cycle as a map effect?


I played this game since it was released on steam and it is still the most beautiful game I have ever played.
The graphics are really amazing and the same for the atmosphere.

My idea is to implement a day and night cycle as a map effect.
Since during the day the hunters would have an advantage and during the night the monster would have one, it should be pretty fair.
So yeah leave your opinions on this as a comment below.


There’s the clear skies effect for hunters, which makes it sunny and reduces the number of aggressive wildlife

And it has an opposite which makes the next map stormy which helps the monster


That’s not what I suggested. That’s actually 2 effects for 2 games. I suggested a day and night cycle for 1 game as 1 map effect.


Why? Some maps are set in the day, some at night, and they’re designed like that. You have your Clear Skies and Fair Weather effects, and they sort of help, but I think most people want to keep the maps as they are- example, I like Fusion Plant in the night time. I do not like it with Clear Skies- ruins the atmosphere, in my most humble opinion. However, I like Distillery in the daytime, not the night time. Again, everyone is different- some might be the opposite- but in general it’s better to leave the maps alone.

And finally, light levels aren’t a big enough difference to warrant a whole cycle, I think. Darker maps with Clear Skies are a little easier for Hunters, but not by much.


But then it doesn’t advantage or disadvantage either of the teams, so the team that won feels jibed