Day 5 as Monster: I'm kind of confused


Day 5: Known as doomday. Day of last fight. No surrender, just one winner.

And me leaving me confused due to following fact:

As I played lots of day 5’s, every time my human team gets knocked out we where loosing.

Now, it happend the 3rd time to me playing the monster, I knocked out the whole human team. BUT, no insta win was following! The whole human team spawned again. And this the two generators long, in multiple games.

So now I am confused. Did I miss one survivor like daisy e.g. 4 times or is there a bug or a fact I don’t know?

Is there a 6th player while 5 knocked-outs where laying on the floor? Which of course is not!

May I am wrong. But this seems odd.

Plus: The wraith needs to be less harmfull!


Hunters can’t lose by having everyone killed on Defend. Only Hunt, Rescue and Nest can the Monster win by wiping the team out. In Defend the Monster can only win by killing the generators.


Did they have Maggie and Daisy with them? Because the dog counts as an extra player.


WOW this was fast.

As I remember myself right, everytime we got knocked out, the generator was still there, but we where losing by “Monster has won” screen.


Then it was either a bug or the Monster destroyed the generators. The Monster’s only win condition on Defend is to destroy the 3rd generator. Hunters can win by killing the Monster or Waiting out the timer. The Minions are the main source of damage for the generators.


Ok, got that point. But I’ve lost 2 times at first generator while team was down an the generator was still working.
If the 3rd is down, it’s clear, that the mission was accomplished. :smile:


Not sure why that would happen. The only think I can think of is bug or hack because the win condition is tied to the 3rd generator. Odd though.


May Iam misunderstanding something or suspecting a bug where is non, but if other players experience it as well I would be glad not to be paranoid^^


I haven’t come across this one myself, but I’m just one of many :stuck_out_tongue: