Day 1 patch preload scheduled?


It looks like there is a day 1 patch planned on Steam. However, is it possible to pre-load this patch before release? @MacMan


It wouldn’t be a Day 1 patch then? Most likely they are still going through Q&A with it before it launches.


The thing is, we would have to sit through a 3 GB download once the game unlocks before playing. 3 GB isn’t small to some people.


Probably doesn’t make you feel any better that I just preloaded the entire 26.3 Gig install in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Anyhow, I don’t imagine the patch could be very big just reading over what was changed. Could be wrong, though.


That was rude of you.


Yes, but I guess slow internet makes people cranky.


Try to be more tactful next time.


A little bit on the rude side.

Guys, I know we’re all tensed up and will continue to be until release. Lets try not to goad each other into snapping.


Have to say I was wondering the same thing. My wife is picking the game up for me so it’s home when I finish work, but i’ll still need to patch. Was thinking just this morning that if the patch is ready a day or 2 early and can be pre-loaded ready that’d be awesome. And yes it’d still be a day 1 patch as it wouldn’t be usable til then, same as Evolve releases Feb 10th despite being preloadable before then…


I agree with the OP, any patches that are “ready to go” should be pushed to the preload build please. Especially if they’re anywhere near or over 1GB. That would be another hour and a half of downloading for a lot of us.


Now that I think it over, it may not be possible. The patch may have to be applied to the client after it has been extracted and fully installed. Meh.


quite possibly, but still definitely worth asking the question.


Well that’s true, since it’ll all be encrypted.