Day 1 Issues


Just a few bugs my friends and myself came across last night while playing during the launch.

  1. Double Cursor - This bug plagues a few games I have played and really needs to be fixed. Its a distraction while trying to effectively annihilate the monster! :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Alt + Tab minimizes the game rather than keeping it on the screen when using multiple displays. Would be nice to be able to Alt + Tab to do stuff while game is loading and matchmaking.
  3. VOIP buttons seems to get stuck open a lot. I have had it happen to me as well as other in the game.
  4. Matchmaking seems to drop friends from my party by putting me into a full lobby without them. I also notice that it will not fill games very often. Going against a player monster with only 2 player hunters is not fun.

This last item I am not sure if you would consider a bug or not but the Skirmish game mode. I prefer to play Hunt, but Skirmish game mode keeps putting me into other game modes after the first round. Perhaps a way to be able to choose the playlist I want to play rather than have to quite and find another hunt game.


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