Day 1 DLC skins for T4 Hunters / Behemoth


I have purchased a number of the DLC skin packs that were made available as day 1 DLC on steam (Namly: Assault Ragnarok, Medic Savior, Bog Monster Support Nordita, Trapper Blood Eagle, and Support Tempest Skin Packs), and am wondering if any of those skins would become available on the new tier 4 hunters and behemoth.
If the original skins become available on the new characters, I would also be wondering if I would have to buy the individual skins for the new hunters in game, or will the skin packs which I already own become available on the new hunters free of charge?


Good question, I think @MaddCow had an answer for this in another thread, if I remember correctly.


Yeah I had purchased the Support Tempest Bundle shortly after launch and Sunny has no skins.


I got an email from support stating I should verify the game files - which I did even though I knew it was silly. Naturally it didn’t help.


I wouldn’t think that the game files would really affect that, personally I believe that the skins from those skin packs do not even exist for the new T4 yet. However I am not an official source so please don’t go quoting em on that…


Trapper Blood Eagle Skin Pack… for Crow… i see it… this is beautiful!


Blood Eagle Gobi


What did you have to do in order to see them, The only skin for T4 that I can see is the predator skin for trapper.


I have some help!


Ohhhh… Now I STILL don’t understand…


I don’t really see them XD

I was just saying it was awesome in my imagination.


Good to know that Evolve does not hate only me.


I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue: