Day 1 DLC is just optional


skins! Big freakin deal. Optional is key here. I personally think it’s a bit overpriced sure but not worthy of the outcry. Alot of misinformation out there and I’m sad to see that. I’d love to hear some actual gameplay talk in the user reviews wouldn’t you? Giving a game 0’s because you disagree with a business model/sales strat is silly (Metacritic). It’s just as silly to dismiss a game because you don’t yet understand it/need improvement/suck. Can I get an Amen Evolve Fans??

I kinda figured some of this craziness would go around due to the nature of the game but this? Keep being awesome (Some of you) and others I hope you see the errors of your ways. Thanks a million Turtle Rock for this experience and I know you’re just getting started.



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