Dawn of the planet apes game


I really enjoyed the first movie rise. I know dawn is going to be amazing. what if they made a game. I think it would be balanced if apes only could hipfire but humans could ads and hipfire. Humans would have 100 life and apes would have 150. Apes stronger faster. Humans could add attachments to guns. Both can pick up ammo but humans pick up more. I have so many ideas but i dont want to bore you guys. Who agrees with me. Please state your opinions.


Not to be rude or anything but I don’t think the Evolve Forums are the best place to be talking about Planet of the Apes lol


Yeah I know but it’s all I got. I said off topic too.


Hey buddy, I think he has the right idea posting this in the off topic section since there’s no other place where he can talk about it! And any other games that people want to talk about for that matter!

In fact, I opt for a forum section in here called “Videogame Discussion” where we can all talk about other videogames apart from Evolve! Hope that would turn out well, since we would all like to talk about other games coming out from time to time! :thumbsup:


Nothing wrong with this IMO, seeing as it says off topic. Carry on :slight_smile:


I stand corrected. Btw that actually sounds pretty cool, maybe the apes can have some heavy damage melee abilities as well since apes are pretty aggressive.


its all good and just wat i was thinking.



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