The behemoths suck aether out of the floating islands, making them unable to support life. They have the potential to cause a mass extinction. It’s up to the slayers to exterminate them before it’s too late.


Thank you for that… I had moral issues


well glad to see you like it :slight_smile:


OK OK… I just did the 1st official quest and I chose to go with the scythes.

this game is fun as %%%


ah so you’re also a chain balde user…nice…:smiley:


yeah, like i LOVE that swift dodge out dodge in style a lot… It was the first weapon i tried and love it.


well yeah they fixed the dodge blink…before it had a suuuuper awful i-frame…it was nasty to try to dodge…now it’s cool and plays even better…


I’ve been playing this a lot lately, got to Maelstrom not long after open beta started, but got into a nice guild (Evolve, but not related to this game) and have found it to be an enjoyable grind. I’ve always been an axe main, but all the weapons are fun to use.
I’m currently making maps of each island and marking gatherables and stuff, similar to the maps in Evolve that people made marking wildlife buffs and other important info. Finished half of the islands so far.


Make sure to post it on the Dauntless subreddit, I’m sure others would be interested as well.


If you’re ever facing difficulty with a Behemoth, I suggest to try and craft yourself some Bulwark tonics aka GOD tonics. Drink 1 and it will give you 40% dmg reduction against 3 hits of the Behemoth (no timer limit). You can drink up 3 each Hunt, best tonic to have on hand.

Currently I’m still farming some pre Maelstrom gear but I’ll probably head into the Maelstrom soon anyways and max the lower gear later (I’ll probably make a speedrun build and solo those behemoths)


Yeah I have done all my clears now just going solo… (being with a party never happens anyways so i just ready up and go) and I like that because its a nice 1 v 1, when I have had other hunters it becomes ridiculously easy.


Just wait, there will come a moment where playing with other players actually makes the game harder, haha.