So who of you guys has tried Dauntless as well?..
I mean it is a game featuring slaying giant monsters as a 4 man team :smiley: only that is is not really like evolve but well thought I might just ask anyway :slight_smile:


played it, too grindy


I tried it and wasn’t a fan I know axilla plays it.


Tried it, beat the monster at the tutorial twice and was stuck at a never-ending loading screen twice. This was during when open beta was launched so the server problems must of played a factor into it, but that experience just annoyed me too much and I didn’t want to go through it again and just uninstalled it.


I’ve played a little bit. Lots of games have grabbed my attention lately, so I haven’t gotten back to it after beating the Embermane.


I play it, feel free to add me (same name as in the forums).

Currently just trying to max out all my gear and weapons before going in the maelstrom.


There’s been a couple threads about it. It’s a lot of fun, but the current state of development is holding it back, since PL is a little slow to make the evergame an actual evergame and add content. Down the road, I think they’re absolutely capable of getting a grip.


I did play it alot, and im planning on doing so even more when i buy a pc that doesn’t burn my leg when i accidentaly touch it.


OH neat yeah I went unprepared into the Maelstrom got the shit beaten out of me and even though I was pretty good it was still rather onesided…:expressionless:

I could add you but the question would be could we actually find time to play together?..:D…since I live in germany…most of my day is gone due to work and usually in the evening I tend to other things…:confused:
also the friend-system in dauntless seems to be a bit buggy since if I add you you also have to add me instead of just confirming…but yeah my name there is TheSuburben

I recently started it again after showing it to my nephew still pretty fun…but sometimes ma graphics card dies and the game dies with it then I have to restart it but if I was in the middle of a fight with a behemoth there the I can’t rejoin that is annoying :confused:

@Axilla good luck in getting one…:slight_smile:


Pay attention though, the game does have high requirements. I believe it needs an intel i5 (any generation) and a GTX 660Ti minimum.


I know…I scrape at the minimum…XD…
my CPU is never the problem…but my PC is rather old…the 660ti was new when I got it back then…still haven’t exchanged it…never had the money…now I could but I think…well it still works so why spend the money…:D…


I started it up, played it… left after loading in and going through the character creator… didn’t care for the initial feel. (so much so I didn’t even play a beginners quest or anything)


Added you.


I added you as well…but it’ll probably delete you from my friendlist with my next log out…since it does that with all my friends I add at the moment…seems buggy…:confused:


Im sure they’ll fix it soon enough. The Coming Storm is coming soon, have you seen the new charrog exotic weapon?


I still want to get into this… do any of you have any real good time on the game yet?


Yes I’ve seen it and it looks really dope…:D…
also the helmet looks awesome…

@Kathryn_James well I have a lot of quality time in this game…it’s actually pretty great…there was a time when a monster got 3 of us down and was in Danger mode so we couldn’t get revived so we watched this legend avoid any damage and fighting it until it fled the firt time so the danger mode was off and he could revive us again so we could have another try…it was like in evolve watching the last surviver hiding from the monster long enough until the dropship came or like a super sneaky laz back in the day…:D…so many good memories with fresh new experiences…:D…I really dig the game


Ok, I will reload it. have to be particular about my drive space. ^.^

installing currently… my user name is KathrynTheScared


Very cool I’ll add ya :slight_smile:


Ok… I like it. I just arrived at the city but I love the level and art design. It’s easy on the eyes and it lets our imagintion run more freely.

Question though, so are we hunting monsters for their ‘ETHER’ to use as fuel?

Other Than that, here is my character