Dauntless enters Open Beta May 24


Since the old Dauntless thread has basically died, I thought it made sense to make a new thread for new developments rather than pop the Lazarus device. The F2P love letter to Monster Hunter is soon to enter OB, but you already knew that because you probably didn’t click on this without reading the title. I’ve been following it since the Alpha, and I’m excited to see where this game goes once it has a playerbase of 800,000 strong. The game’s got a lot of kinks right now, but the developers–who are very involved with the community–are working them out, and huge updates are slated to come, including reworks to weapon mods, elemental damage, progression, and certain behemoth fights.

So, yeah. Shit’s going down with Dauntless. Discuss.


Not gonna lie, with how good MHW is as an overall package Dauntless still has a looong way to go before it catches my attention again.


Well, that’s why it’s in beta right now instead of being released.


It’ll hold me over till MHW pc release unless they’re both royally fucked up


I signed up for the alpha, the game really caught my attention just never got to play it