Data Crunch: Hank Can Full Shield Using Only Burst


I was making a spreadsheet to try and figure out, mathematically speaking, which is the smarter pick with hank…reload speed, class recharge, or capacity.

While doing this, I stumbled upon something…
If you take both of the class special cool down perks (and they are maxed) then hanks shield burst can be triggered slightly before the previous shield fully decays.

Let me emphasize SLIGHTLY

However, it is enough that, if you could hit every shield burst as soon as it was up, and everyone was in range for every burst, you could create a FULL shield (1600 HP).

Now, this cycle would take a little over 10 minutes(again, assuming impeccable timing), so not very practical…and not an issue with balance, just a curious little thing I found interesting.

I tested this in a match with bots,I did not take the full 10 minutes, but a simple proof of concept, here are screenshots of the sliver of shield being left while the next burst is ready (This was after doing the cycle for about a minute)


I’ll actually make another post with my write up about the different perk choices with Hank shortly.


This was more prevalent in previous patches where the decay rate was slower, but we’ve been nerfing class cooldown to stop the viability of this.

Also the shields now Cap out at a max value so they can’t be stacked infinitely.

This is pretty much an unrealistic scenario in multiplayer games.


I was about to say that it decays as soon as the shield burst is ready but nope you have a point second right there