Dat Question tho!


Well…EVOLVE SUCKS!!! nah im just kidding.

jokes aside. after my first match in the stage 2 as wraith(awesome monster btw). i noticed that there isnt that path showing on map thingy like in stage 1. why? i like that feature! because then i can see how close they where or frikkin stupid they were xD. it was always funny to see! also i like to have a chat too. (idk if thats already included and i can do that in the options and such yadayadayada…also im not a forum type so idk if someone suggested that somewhere already.) also…FINISH THE BEMEMOTH ALREADY I WANNA PLAY HIM SOOOOOOOO BADLY!!! x3

9/10 i will give this game. because of the awesome mechanic and such. and the gigantic adrelin rush (especially during my first match ever as monster xD i needed to calm down for 10 minutes. so intese! AND I LIKE IT!!!)


You can type to your teammates by pressing Enter and typing
Or you can type to the opposite side by typing


first, and then your message.

I believe @snowkissed is going to look into if it’s possible to have a chat history in the UI