Dat feeling


…when Lazarus revives a tyrant you just killed instead of your teammate. Doesn’t happen too often but when it does it’s funny as all hell (until you die a screaming death because you got tag-teamed by the monster and a tyrant). Seriously, is there anything that Laz cannot revive?


I’m pretty sure he can’t revive anus plants, or those little pooper bugs that explode when you kill 'em.


He can´t revive the minnions in evac! Also the problem is known to the dev´s and as far as I know they are working on prioritising the hunter beeing rezed!


Ed’s and Al’s mother.


He can’t? Ah hell, and that would be the funniest thing of all. Laz goes for the revive of a downed mate, revives Mr. Snappy instead and promptly gets eaten as thanks. TRS: patch this in. Forget the reset bug and balancing tweaks. This must take top priority above all.


It’s better when lazarus revives a tyrant right on your corpse and it gets up eats you and then grabs laz and at that point your 2 remaining teammates are off 150m ahead chasing down the monster. Lazarus promtly dies and is eaten and then for some god forsaken reason the tyrant is moving like a bat out of hell towards your remaining team.

@Irayn Dude. . . too soon. . . still . . .


You. I like the you.


I did this with a Nomad once.


I played a game where we did it three times to three different nomads. 4 stack just pissing ourselves laughing and waiting to lose.



W…Why would you do that to me. :sob:


Too many feels man. Too many of them to bare.