Dashboarded too many times


Hopefully there is a fix coming for this soon, because too many times I’ve had a good game and lose that progress because of this bug. It’s battlefield 4 all over again.


Man xbox one has some bad bugs right now, but nothing close to battlefield 4.


That’s for sure, but luckily, I highly doubt it’ll take over a year to fix these problems :wink:

On a side note though, I haven’t really ran into any of the problems people have been having on Xbox, not one reset, only one crash to the dashboard, and the occasional shadow glitch every once in a while, I feel kinda bad how insanely lucky I am, at least going by how apparently common these problems are.


You are lucky the dashboard thing happens to me at least 3 times a night. That and i have been getting some weird bug if i join late as a hunter, sometimes the monster is invisible it’s crazy. I still love this game just has a few bugs it needs to work out.


I did have a match where all of the hunters except medic were invisible, the worst thing was that I joined in the middle of the match as Goliath, so I basically just had to sit there and let them kill me, no way was I going to be able to defeat them like that.


yeah that sucks all you could really do is sit there and lose. I couldn’t see the monster but i knew where he was because he was picking up a rock, but I could hit or hurt him from what I could tell.


I just got dash boarded for first time. Hopefully it don’t happen again and if it does hopefully its very rare. I’ve played a lot of matches and this is first time for me.