Dashboard crashing and time penaltys (xbox)

1st post here so go easy on me! Long time lurker who’s finally got so annoyed I’ve had to make an account.

Last couple of days I’ve been experiencing quite a few instances of the game crashing to the dashboard on Xbox one. Usually happens during the game loading screens just before the drop ship but also happening in game. These are resulting in a penalty timer. Last 2 games in a row the game has crashed and I have received a penalty, I’m on a 800+ second penalty as I type this. 800 seconds may not sound alot, but when I’m trying to play a game that I have paid for but am being penalised for something that is not my fault, that really gets my back up.

Anyone else experiencing the same issues? I had read on the forums that people were experiencing this after the launch of hunt 2.0 but it never effected me then (I play daily), haven’t seen it mentioned recently though.

Is this something that had come along with the recent update because it wasn’t happening to me until now.