Darksiders 3 Thread


lol I will admit tho, they did do a good job on at lest capturing the sound for the Pulse Rifle…

And then sadly when you get the upgrade to increase the rate of fire (as if it fukin needs it) it starts sound like a “Silenced Spitwad Rifle” and then you’re all sad because it’s either good nostalgia and sound or you choose to mow down the enemy with much more ease.



You know, you remind me that I never got around to getting Alien: Isolation. I should get on that.


I thought Alien Isolation was an exceptionally great horror game. I, however, feel it was not a good ‘Alien’ game.


You should I loved it aside from one thing that maybe @MaddCow might agree on.

It was too long…

Like I enjoyed it all the way thru and then you think you’re about to be done and then… NOPE!!!

Back to the grind again… and then you finish.

And Nightmare Difficulty was indeed a dick move that I still regret playing. I still have stream recordings of that. I should just upload those straight to YouTube… too lazy to go thru dozens of hours worth of playtime just to pick out the good parts.


OMG yes. It was so stupid that it just went on for even more when it didn’t add anything to the story.

That being said, I really liked nightmare even if I disliked a lot of other things about the game.


Well the only thing that I didn’t like about Nightmare was not knowing how much health I had…

I didn’t even get that many medical kits put together but when I got then I had no clue if using it would help me or if I was wasting it. I could kinda live without the rest of the hud and the buggy Tracker but the health thing I always felt was kinda crummy.

I mean it was still fun tho and I don’t regret streaming it too much. Got me a good chunk of follows from that since everyone thought I was a hoot to watch… amidst my very very manly screams that didn’t end with any uh… “naughty” offers to the Alien in hopes of keeping me alive…

Actually had me up to like 30-40 viewers at once which is pretty good considering I usually only get an average of 10ish. Still doesn’t beat my almost 200 when I was streaming Evolve when it had it’s first “Free to Play Weekend” on Xbox.


Sam just told me she has to finish them too. We’re both pretty pumped for it. I remember that was one of the biggest games that would appear on all the “Never gonna finish the franchise” lists so I’m glad it’s coming!


Dammit, Fury? Man, I was really hoping for Strife. Oh well, fighting the Seven Sins sounds pretty fresh.


Really? The footage I’ve seen made it look as though they were being pretty faithful to the source material.


Are they doing a “Blind Fury” thing? Her eyes looked awfully cloudy



Now it’s time for Fury,and then we have Pestilence.


Yeah,i remember the third originally plan to be Strife.But this is not one bit bad


I mean, any Darksiders is cool in my book. It’s just that, of the four, Strife is my favorite.


Well i don’t know why they change the name of the last 2.Conquer and Famine sound solid enough again War and Death.But her,as least they are cool right ?


Anyone else think fury’s design from the trailer is a bit off? I’m sure it’ll improve by release, but it just seems out of place with the rest of the art style. It’s also vastly different from her previous design.




To be fair it IS a different studio working on it.


I thought her skin was gonna be blue tbh.


I’m just hoping they make her eyes just a bit smaller, they seemed way too large in the trailer. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.


We call them Disney Eyes!


[quote=“skills4u2envy, post:13, topic:109183”]
A much more interesting character than Famine (the traditional horseman) would have been with weighing scales as a weapon.
[/quote]I don’t think Famine’s scales would necessarily have needed to have been their weapon, it could have been a mechanic of some kind instead. Hell, I’d personally say that there could have been some interesting ideas for Famine if they had stuck with them.