Darksiders 3 Thread



I need to get around to playing the first one, played the sequel’s Dethinitive Edition and that was fun (besides all the fucking crashing) and I have the first one for free since it was one of the Games with Gold from the 360 so I need to play that and get caught up and see exactly what it was that War did that led up to us to take the roll of Death.


You don’t find anything out. The two stories are parallel to eachother. You just see War get crapped on basically and he tries to clear his name. That being said, I liked the first one much more than the second. This was my gripe with the 2nd in that the stories don’t really compound eachother. Plus War is a huge badass :slight_smile:


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I’m not wanting all of it right now. A GREAT example would be the Kingdom Hearts series. Each games adds more to the overall story, but it doesn’t give away everything.
[/quote]To be fair, though, the overall story of Kingdom Hearts has kind of suffered for it. I mean, have you see what they did with Dream Drop Distance?


What was wrong with DDD?


Yeah well… from what I’ve seen Death is a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything… cuz he’s death… and stuff.

My Horserider can beat up your Horserider… especially since one of them is in chains.


I have always felt that the Darksiders games built more of a personal story than overall end-of-the-road thing.

We know how it’s going to end - some motherfuckers are gonna die - but I also think that all the upcoming story that can be revealed, without too much being spoiled, was done in the first game. DS2 added something in that it showed us who Death is, outside of being a baller. It also gave us some a detail as to how it’s all going to end - with Humanity, and the Balance, being restored and everyone cleared of guilt.

Not much more to add to that, IMO. Just how each of the Riders was personally dealing with War’s imprisonment, and what they’re trying to do to help free him, and that’s what I feel DS2 was.


Just play the first one :slight_smile: I felt that War had much more presence than Death did.


Bear in mind that I haven’t actually played the game in quite some time, so the finer details are pretty hazy right now. But as a general, “from what I remember” kind of response I’ll post my vaguely recalled thoughts.

A huge amount of the plot boiled down to being little more than pure fanservice without sense. More than once I found myself saying “dafuq” out loud during the game itself. I mean, the game itself wasn’t bad, but there were parts where I definitely felt that they struggled to actually add to the story and ultimately went “screw it.”


I disagree. I don’t think anything in DDD changed any lore from previous games and still continued with what had been established up to it so far. It bridged the end of KH II and the upcoming III. The only WTF moment I ever had in any of the KH games was the secret ending in KH: Birth By Sleep and it was a GOOD wtf moment :smiley:


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The only WTF moment I ever had in any of the KH games was the secret ending in KH: Birth By Sleep and it was a GOOD wtf moment
[/quote]Gawd, this is a testament to how long it’s been since I’ve played any of the KH games, I don’t even remember the secret ending to BBS. XD


I mean there could be a twist where the Horseriders fail and nothing is all hunky dory. It’d be a nice change of pace actually if everything at the end of a series was incredibly shitty and everyone gets the shaft.

I’ll present you my D-… Death… yeah death is where I was going with that @MaddCow so yeah oh wait that means I die god damn it.

Either way I’ll get around to that at some point most likely. Probably after I finish up Nioh. Now I have more of a motivation since Darksiders 3 is a thing now. Although they might pull a Scalebound ditch effort out of nowhere so who knows.

Still kinda pissed about Scalebound…


That would be very upsetting. There would be many upset fans, especially if they ended dragging this out for as long as they have, only for it to have the worst possible ending.


I doubt it will go away unless DoW III massively fails. The last thing a merged company wants to do is rile up fanboys and then ditch a sequel everyone was more or less wanting. Existing IP games don’t get canceled nearly as much as new ones.

I really enjoyed the hell out of that game as well :slight_smile:


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Still kinda pissed about Scalebound…
[/quote]Well, let’s all just hope that Square takes advantage of how well NieR: Automata is doing and approaches the team that made the game and is all: “You know, we would really love a new Drakengard game you guys.”


I dunno, usually when a game gets cancelled and then something changes and it comes back to production and released… it ends poorly :frowning:


Don’t forget Colonial Marines…

And then actually forget Colonial Marines was a thing.


I don’t think that game was cancelled and then brought back though. That being said, yes… it was bad :’( Even worse is that it is CANON >.< UGH!!!


I pretty much got exactly what I was expecting from TLG, so I enjoyed it. shrugs

Though, I don’t expect Scalebound to go back into production, which is why I want to see the team from NieR: Automata make a new Drakengard game (they’re all a part of the same series) since I think they could make an awesome game out of Drakengard.

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Don’t forget Colonial Marines…
[/quote]Colonial Marines? I’m afraid you must be mistaken. Colonial Marines never saw the light of day, that game got cancelled and never came back.



I love that game… :crying_cat_face:


Not saying that people don’t like it. But it’s generally regarding as incomplete and not what people were expecting. Kind of like most ubisoft games these days :stuck_out_tongue: