Darksiders 3 Thread


So yeah,Darksider 3 just drop this trailer.In another word


1st Dawn of war 3,now this .OMG i’m so excited


Yeah, I was super happy to see this.
The first two aren’t masterpieces, but so much fun! I remember taking a flier on the first one, and then having like 3 people I know buy it from watching me play it a bit!

Hyped for this one for sure!!!


I’m hoping this one does well. My biggest gripe with Darksiders 2 is that the story didn’t enhance the overall mythos that much that the first game setup. It was a decent story by itself, but I feel like the 4 games should be connected much more especially with the way 1 ended. I would also like to see more interaction between the different horsemen during the adventure(s) as well.


Yeah it was not a 10/10 game.But over the time it has always stand as a classic game on the genre and this to me is invalueble,so hat off to the game


Perfect way to say it! Glad darksiders got some love on the forums!!


Story wise,i kinda prefer the standalone thing because it’s fit the antagonist theme that the 1st game setup.Overall the story are not as memorable as the 1st because the 1st happen on a larger scale,and that ok,we don’t want huge lore overlap each other.
About DS2,i just don’t dig the whole Open world RPG thing,otherwise it all cool


I’m not looking for an open world game either. However, Death is finding out answers about what happened to his brother, War, and nothing really came of it. The whole point of his ‘quest’ was to get answers and it didn’t really add anything to the main story which is cause for him doing what he did. It’s like he set out to help his brother and just ended up doing his own thing instead.


Well because nothing happen to War in the first play,iirc War have been punish for a 1000 year and the only reason he was release was because Death save Humanity (and War did some justification). Like i said,Death was doing his own thing ALONE (gotta love that cowboy-style) to save his brother.
Base on my guess,Strafe will have something to do with it and Fury are definitely involved,so i say we wait for the 3rd lord and conclude whether it was related or not


Here is the recap for Darksiders 2 story.

While War is charged with his crimes, the horseman Death, sure that his brother is innocent, sets out on a personal mission to erase his brother’s ‘crime’ and resurrect humanity.

So his mission is to prove War’s innocence. However, it just ends.

Warned that choosing one race will forever doom the other, Death chooses to save his brother War and sacrifices the souls of the Nephilim, still trapped in the scar on his chest, for humanity by leaping into the Well.

So the entire story revolves around Death proving War is innocent and he sacrifices the souls of the Nephilim to do it. Then it ends. It doesn’t really enhance anything for the first, nor does it lend any additional information on why it seems like War was framed. It’s like a separate entry into an established franchise.

An example of this would be a movie like Halloween 3 that is canonically set in the same universe as the others, but doesn’t really add anything to the overall storyline.


Well it hard to put some interaction inside of it consider War’s timeline cover Death.The way i see the OG Devs are trying to setup each character before conclude in one big (hopefully) co-op mission where the 4 ride alongs.I’m not gonna sugar coat that a more linear storyline (Death kill everybody after War summon 4 of them) would be more interesting,but that their choice and i glad they stick to it,so i say (again) that we wait and see the third one


Different strokes and all that. The gameplay is fun and all, but I’m more interested in the overall story and not each Horseman’s journey to get to it. I’d rather play 1 game with a grand story, then 4 separate games with similar mechanics and not adding more to the overall story. Otherwise I’m just playing 4 versions of the same game with different characters and weapons.


Nothing wrong with 4 version,after all they are not overlap .I think this is where i insert the phrase “Let’s agreed to disagreed”.But whether our opinion differ or not,i think it’s safe to assume that both of us are excited about the upcoming game


I LOVE open world, I can’t stand it when games are linear. I like to do my own thing.
I’m also super happy that they’re continuing this series because after I saw this concept years ago all I wanted was to play Fury.

A much more interesting character than Famine (the traditional horseman) would have been with weighing scales as a weapon.

@TomsMeatPlatter I know you play the games, too


Well, this IS a pleasant surprise. I rather enjoyed the first game but then never got around to buying the second. May end up investing on the rerelease on PS4 now.


I wonder what her other form looks like, or if she’ll have more than one.


Much, much hype for this. Darksiders is one of my favorite series of games, and I’m glad to see this one coming to fruition, albeit a few years later than I’d have hoped. Still, I’d rather them take a long time setting it up to be great than rush it like the CoD games and turn out to be trash. Was looking forward to Fury since her art was originally leaked.

And to address @MaddCow:

I get the feeling of wanting to get the big game already and reveal the plot, but I think the endgame needs some of that side stuff (like Death travelling to all those different worlds to bring back Humanity). Getting the last of it now would be like getting Infinity War before any other Marvel movies explain how the Stones are all connected, or who the hell the big bad is (most of us know anyways, but the movies themselves have not explained more than the fact that Thanos is a badass)

All the little parts will come together as a whole, giving bits of story and paving the road to the end.

So far we have War killing the Destroyer and Watcher, proving that he was set up after finding all the Seals and saving Uriel. We have Death bringing back Humanity, righting his wrong (while also destroying the last bit of the old Nephilim). We’ll have Fury doing her thing, which gives us a bit of info and expands the character itself, presumably setting her up to mesh with War, Death, and Strife in the final game.


I’m not wanting all of it right now. A GREAT example would be the Kingdom Hearts series. Each games adds more to the overall story, but it doesn’t give away everything. They do a great job of each game feeling good on it’s own and yet revealing just enough to make you want more. DS II didn’t do that.


I iz full of teh herp (that’s Hype in Derp speak… I think…)!!!

Altho she didn’t seem to care about War’s current position so either she believes that he was in the wrong (even tho framed but she might not know) or she simply just DGAF…

I’mma go with DGAF cuz tis moar badass and stuff.


Excited. I though Darksiders 3 was shelved indefinitely after the weird thqnordic merger thing, but it’s nice to know it’s still in development!


Or she is in on it :smiley: