Darknezz's T5 YT video


So i was looking for the T5 support video to my son and after we watched the video at the subcribe part i don’t know what i saw but it made my day thank you. For everyone else here’s a link if you havn’t already seen it.


I believe that is @xdarknezzchaosx


I couldn’t tell until i read the channel name and recognized from the forums


Lmao I was NOT expecting that!


Right i found it funny as hell


I saw that YOU created a thread about @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX and wondered why. Then I watched the video wondering if there was something I had missed and saw that lol.


Yeah i stumbled across it trying to avoid reaction yt videos


I laughed too hard at this lol. I don’t know why.


I dont know what to say xD

Because of the Subscribe Part I was Bored :stuck_out_tongue:
its my weird Outro of weirdest im a crazy Gurl lol

but Thank u for the Support ^^


I did NOT see that outro coming but damn, it certainly made me smile and laugh. I’m subscribing! :smiley: I really needed a smile today.


And I was having a bad morning, this cheered me up :stuck_out_tongue: