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Hi everyone.

I am staying a week in Belgium at the moment, visiting friends and family.

I thought this would be a nice opportunity to show some of the food, culture and sightseeing from where I live.

But probably mostly will be about food :sweat_smile:

For starters, today my parents decided to welcome me with a Belgian classic for dinner, mussels with fries.

And I can say this…I’m stuffed


Ooh, travel blog!! I’m excited! I can’t wait to see your adventures!

Those fries look SOOO good, I wanna steal them through the screen. :yum:


I’m not really a massive fan of seafood, but those mussels look delicious. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us. :yum:


What is wrong with you?!?


Many things apparently. :laughing:


Saw a lot of family today so sadly not gonna be able to show much today.

Except for food again :grin: But just not any kind of food,

Veal tongue with Madeira sauce

Here’s the tongue



Oddity warning: https://imgur.com/e90qHbO


Today was the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. Here’s a picture of a 1929 Buick that drove them to the restaurant.

The restaurant was at an old wildmill, took a pic of it later as well

I also have pictures of all the food but I think I took a bit too much of those already haha

So here’s an old cuckoo clock instead


Tongue is such a cool cut of meat.

@TheMountainThatRoars what did my innocent eyes witness there?

Edit: showed my wife that gif and she said “I’m very unhappy with every event that lead me to witnessing this.”


I agree, I love eating it cause it is such a tender piece of meat.

My wife personally wouldn’t want it cause it’s tongue. But I’m sure if she ate the final dish without knowing where it came from she would’ve loved it.

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I’m all for non standard meats. Gotta utilize the whole animal ya know?

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That’s literally only half of it.

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This should be labeled as not safe for work. I’m pretty sure this qualifies as some sort of sick porn… Lol


Yep, gotta love liver. My father is one of the few who still eats porc brain (he spreads it on a toast after cooking it)

One thing though, it smells absolutely terrible. That kinda throws me off from eating it.

One of my favorite things I can’t seem to find much in Canada is something called “head cheese”. The wikipedia page explains it very well how it’s made: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head_cheese

Think paté but better. I should probably ask my parents to buy some while I’m here haha.

I used to eat head cheese as a kid. My grandfather loved it. It’s not my favorite but its alright. I don’t really seek it out. I can still find it here in the states at most butchers.

One thing I am having trouble finding now (not meat related) is sorghum. Which is sad as it’s a traditional American staple.

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Jedi’s are not allowed to eat seafood?


Never heard of it. Wiki says it’s a kind of plant?

Yeah. A plant sort of similar to corn native to America that is used to create a thick molasses like syrup which is just known by the plants name.

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Today was more sightseeing. Lots of pictures and a video