Dark souls 3 [BEWARE: Minor Spoilers]


Nah, usually don’t have too. Random people tend to pop up in my stream or on the Xbox Dashboard in the Dark Souls Club there’s always some casul asking for help on such and such boss.


I watch it so I can find people that need help on the less common summon bosses like Dancer or hopefully Twin Princes. Only places I can get guaranteed summons day or night are NK and Friede. Though Dragonslayer Armour is one of the more common ones to get summoned for. Also nice not having 2+ people summoned for the boss.


Jesus christ I’ve been getting summoned for a Gael that just took out 90%+ of my health bar with one hit in Phase 1 might have been a one shot since I died…

I got ring of SP +3 and FAP +3 and PC… I have 1285 health.


I took this awhile ago. You may not notice it but I had 3 summons in and Gael summoned in at the second phase. I just found it funny we had 5 people fighting the boss


So I made a new character to do a non summon run. I have beaten pontiff but I am contemplating on what I should suffer through first. Going through the annoying dungeon to get to the easy lord of cinder or going through the annoying anor londo to get to Alderich who I consider to be a little hard due to his fucking arrow attack I hate it


I usually do Pontif, Yhorm and then Aldrich. This because of Siegwards questline (Onionbro)


Can’t do Siegwards questline sadly.
A. I am not doing summons
B. While I was just sprinting through the undead settlement an enemy followed and attacked Siegward somehow making him hostile to me


Hm, that sucks. Oh well, you only miss a slab (which there are like, 11 I think from per playthrough that you can get, so no biggie really)

I still feel like Yhorm should go before Aldrich. Aldrich is WAY harder than Yhrom, and as such, I feel Yhorm is basically a few free levels, compared to Aldrich, where you actually kinda have to try


I just think it’s funny that an enemy attacked him and he started going after me


Yeah, that’s indeed weird. Dunno why. Maybe to hit him as well while trying to fight the enemy or sumthin?


Enemy hit’s Seigward 3 times.
Insert Seigward’s agro speech
Me thinking he was gonna kill the enemy
Seigward proceeds to kill me
Me: Wat


Kill dancer so you can get to consumed king’s garden so you can get magic stoneplate ring!


Just leaving this here for people to lol at…



What the fuck
1 health 1 Stam 1 fp run…


I honestly expected the video to be twice as long. Needs to add Midir in there. Though I am sure he cut out most of the deaths.


Seeing as to how people beat him at SL 1 with no rolling, sprinting or blocking, ob NG+7, it’s doable xD


Of course, but with 1 Stamina you really can’t combo very much.


He said the hardest was Halflight apparently.

Midir is at the 1 hour 44 second mark?


Oh. I just went to the end to see the time, saw he was fighting Cinder, assumed it was a base game run.