Dark souls 3 [BEWARE: Minor Spoilers]


I dunno he was a spell caster but jeeeesus thats a huge difference in damage taken. He got 2 shotted while I could take ~5 hits.


Anybody have any tips for Midir?


Don’t lock on, target the head and use dragonslayer axe and black knight shield

Use the shield to block fire

Try to stay close

2nd phase lasers avoidance: first run left then rush for his head

Also youtube vids are Hella helpful


Just don’t look for challenge videos. Seeing people beat him at SL1, at NG+7, without blocking sprinting or rolling is incredibly bad for morale


Well watching the walking one gives you a really good idea of where to move to avoid the attacks like the flying fire breath.


Yeah, FromSoft screwed up with magic in Dark Souls 3. Magic users have to sacrifice way too much to deal anything even remotely resembling reasonable damage.


If I’m honest, it’s not too bad. I mean, my SL125 sorcerer still has 30 vigor, which, when embered, still is over 1300 hp. I could boost that up even more if I wanted to go with the prisoners chain (but I’ll have to give up 2 spells for that (dark moon ring), and I prefer having more spells tbh)


Anyone else getting this?

I dunno when it started but I have to restart my PC every time I want to play DS3.


IIRC I was also able to push my Vigor up to 30 on my caster builds before I stopped playing, as well. The problem is not due to how high the stat investment for magic is (though, that is a problem as well) but just how much the rings you’re basically forced to use take from you and how little they give to you in return.


That, I have to agree with. As a caster (be it pyro, sorcerer, or miracle user) you are almost forced to take at the very least 2 ringslots (the damage boosters), most of the times even 3 (damage boosters + sage ring). And if you have low attunement (which tends to be the case with pyro’s, since they are even further starved for stats), you are also kinda forced to take a spell slot ring, using up all of your ringslots.

In the contrary, with my physical builds I almost always have at least 1 slot left (Life ring, FAP ring, Chloranthy)


For my rings I go FAP, Prisoner chain and then the other 2 are dependent on what I’m doing

PVP = Leo + whatever I need so maybe Sun Princess ring or horsehoof or whatever

PvE = steel protection + leo

PvE boss = steel protection + SP ring.

Also I forgot how annoying it was running to Midirs boss room.


Yeah, I should’ve mentioned, the last time I played was before the Prisoners chain buff, so right now, almost all my builds use that thing, so I just manage to fill up the 4 ring slots.[quote=“IWannaBeATiger, post:914, topic:82284”]
Also I forgot how annoying it was running to Midirs boss room.

It’s an annoying run, but not hard.
PTSD of blue smelty is triggered


I know it’s not hard but it’s
ride down elevator
ride up elevator
hop off at mid point
run to ladder
slide down extremely long ladder
then drop down

I’m just tired of doing that run after the third death.


So I just killed him.

But he was at 40% health when I ran out of estus so I’m super fucking happy it was also the first time on NG+ that I got him to enter his second phase

I also had to pop an ember at like 2% health.


Jus me an the waifu takin a nap


I have over 200 embers from killing bosses o.o


I have over 400 embers from killing scrubs.



Oh yeah well I gave away 50 embers yesterday and 600k souls in the form of 12 great champion souls o.o


Oh yeah? Well I’ve given away several hundred embers to my friends due to them scrubbing it up and I have given like 100K souls to this one random person who came into my stream (because I didn’t need them… got my 120s, my level 11 twink and my main who is too high of a level to actually level up normally).

So, git gud bruv.


I was helping a dude kill dancer at level 23 but he kept on getting 1 shotted on his cosplay build so I gave him 600k souls to go level up =p

Same person I gave the 50 embers to because he died like 20 times before I asked him to level up so he wouldn’t die.

You ever go on r/summonsign?