Dark souls 3 [BEWARE: Minor Spoilers]


If you’re still struggling with that jerk of a Dragon there is an easy way to kill him solo.

You’ll probably need to respect a little bit but if you have enough Respec attempts afterwards then it’ll be worth it.


You’re talking about the mercury cheese?


Tell me please ;-;


Just watch a couple fights on YouTube and copy their strats/learn his moves. I had to change weapons cause I couldn’t hit unlocked with spear. Black knight shield is really good against him


What? No, not that stupid thing. I wouldn’t call it a cheese because you still have to be close enough to him and you might die of old age doing it that way.

I was thinking more along the lines of a Glass Cannon.


Respec to have at least 60 Faith and at least about 250ish Focus Points from your Attunement and the rest be Endurance or whatever.

Then just use the two Miracle boosting rings, Lightning Clutch, and the Red Tearstone Ring.
Get low health using the Bloodlust Katana (or by some other means which makes you low enough to get the benefit from the Red Ring).

If you have Morion Blade put that in one of your hands and use the Chime of Yorshka as your catalyst. (You get it from killing Yorshka, the Darkmoon Dragon Hybrid) The Blade will give you additional damage on top of all of your other rings and the Chime is the strongest in terms of raw damage with Lightning.

Use Tears of Denial and Sunlight Spear (or maybe the Lightning Arrow if you don’t have it). Use Tears when you get hit and just keep your distance but close enough to hit his head repeatedly.

Rinse and repeat and you should be fine. And be sure to convert all of your Estus to Ashen Estus (as you will not be healing during the fight).

It’s what I did the first time I fought him when I was on like NG+12.

If you have the Whip of Ariandel from the first DLC you can use that to lower your health and also give you a Damage Buff to your attacks (and you can switch to a different tool and still keep the buff).


I’ve seen him fight though. I don’t think he might be ready yet for a hyper mode boss fight (if he even has the required equipment)


Eh… what’s there to be ready for?

You backpedal and chuck a spear or arrow and keep on backing up. The Arena is the size of several football fields so walking into a wall is hardly an issue.

The only time to panic is when you get hit and need a moment to use Tears again.

Considering the amount of damage one can put out compared to any other method (and think of the time saved!) it’s a wonder why anyone tries it any other way (besides Challenge and Cosplay reasons).


Yeah, but there’s still the issue if he has all the equipment.

I mean, on my first play through I used all the boss souls if nothing ‘interesting’ came from it. I also sold a lot of shit.


I’ve just been collecting boss souls lol.


Yeah, same with me.

I don’t need them for souls (got a couple of hundred of every soul back up on 1 char).

I just save them in case I want to trade. Back up my safe, transpose, trade, load save, and done.

The only time I use them is if they carry a spell I need, since you can’t transfer those


I hit 120 so now I’m just buying all the consumables lol


Everytime I make a new char, I just transfer all of those souls + all the armour and weapons I need to the new char, and I only have to worry about upgrading my weapon, estus, and finishing the game


I’ve made 3 characters. First one leveled too high 2nd was the wrong class to min max and 3rd is my 120 meta build

And I don’t bother transferring items


I’m nearly at the 10 char limit. It kinda sucks actually :joy:


Yeah I pretty much stick to melee builds with maybe enough faith to buff


I have almost all the builds possible (as far as is possible with 10 char slots); melee, caster, hybrid, bleed, poisetank, and a joke build or 2


I stick to quality build + a little faith for blessed weapon and I’ve used rapier PGCS and storm curved sword and LKLS and GFS. Not
at all interested in heavy weapons



Just killed Sister Friede wasn’t as hard as I expected


I farmed 30 sunlight medals killing friede

Killing her is irritating with the 3 stages though