Danimal's guide to a better Shear

  1. Allow players to queue as only the classes they want to play.

  2. Show an estimated time to match based on current selected classes. This will serve as encouragement for players to pick more classes if they’re not willing to wait that long, without punishing those players who are willing to wait for their favorite class. I believe this will eventually lead to a more equal distribution of class preferences, overall faster matching, and mitigate the plague of leavers.

  3. Allow multiplayer matching in the background during single player mode. When you are matched, you automatically load into the multiplayer game and the single player game is aborted. Perhaps it could be saved if it is evacuation mode and then you can resume it next time you’re waiting for a match. Then you don’t have to give up the end game bonus XP.

  4. Make hunter skins apply to clothing as well, not just weapons. Currently, hunter skins aren’t really noticeable except for your own weapon while you shoot it. meh. pass.

  5. A custom skin editor. I’m not really interested in buying any additional skins right now, based on what you think a monster should look like, and at 5 bucks a pop. But if I could make my monster look however I want, that would be awesome. Functionality could be similar to the badge creator, pick your markings, accents, colors. Sell it as DLC for maybe $20? Yeah, I’d be down for that.


I’ve been suggesting this for a long time now. -_- Would totally eliminate the lack of customization. I doubt they’ll do it though- why give us the tools to make it when 2K can do it and sell what we could have made in three seconds for five dollars? Business.

The devs have addressed this many times before. Not something they plan on doing, as far as they’ve ever said.

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They wouldn’t necessarily have to give up the skin racket. They could still offer exclusive patterns or accents. Put a cowboy hat on your goliath for 5 bucks. Or whatever. But for the most part yes the individual skins for sale would all go away. What they gain is money from people like me who will never buy a skin, but would buy a skin editor. I think there are a lot of us like that. So which one nets greater profits? I guess that’s up to turtlerock to evaluate.


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