Dangerous wildlife should get a buff


I usually plays as a goliath or wraith, and I usually take out every hostile wildlife on the map to get the 4 meats and I think that they should be buffed because I only loose a bit of armor when I’m vs them as a STAGE 1 monster. The big wildlife also don’t feel dangerous cause most of the time, I can just walk past them. That’s why I think that they need a small buff.

Also I think that the acid water should be buffed as well. I was a stage 3 kraken with no perk and I was on I think rendering plant and I decided to walk in the giant acid river and back. When I got back I only lost 2 bars of armor. It doesn’t seem punishing enough.
Besides that, the game is great😃


You are the Apex Alpha predator. They aren’t supposed to be a threat to you, they are a threat to the Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, but what about the acid water, should that get a buff?
Or does thr damage increase once you have no armor?


I feel that the acid water used to do more damage but people complained. I remember it being something to worry about, now you can literally swim in it and not die :stuck_out_tongue:


Acid water would melt both monsters and hunters pre-release. They nerfed it because monsters could just knock hunters into it and not have to worry about them anymore.


Having it work like L4D2 spitter acid would be cool (for the hunters, at least)… start out small and ramp up damage over the course of 5 seconds or so. Doesn’t have to be as extreme, but having it chip say 15 - 20% away every couple of seconds after 10 seconds would make sense to me.

I like the idea of it not really hurting the monster, it does have a tough hide, after all.


it was

Abduct could kill off hunters if dropped into the sea because they dead before they could reach land (and could not be ressed)