Damn Wraith


Won’t answer my phone calls anymore. I feel like she was avoiding me from the start, only way to get her to notice me is if I box her in and that seems to only make her more angry. Does anyone ever have this problem with a woman?


Give her chocolate inside a heart shaped heart, she’ll love it


Don’t you mean few three meat snacks? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, women LOVE chocolate, The wraith will blush to see its been wrapped in a heart for her. Particularly your heart, no worries you can get a new one :smiley:


I’m not worried about the losing your heart part, you can live without them ( right? ), but I thought Wraith’s had an acquired palette. Namely human meat. So she will blush at the heart, and spit the chocolates out?


shh chocolate is poisonous to wraiths… don’t let those kids that cry OP find out :X


Oh dayum… Hide them in the marsh striders! Then pretend ’ they all escaped ’ and then nobody will complain about Wraith… Because they will ALL BE DEAD! Muahahahahaha!


I’ve already begun putting some in bird feeders for mammoth birds to consume!! Joins in on maniacal laughter