Damn House Spiders!


So, I see a big bastard run under my Ps4 (it’s slightly raised as I have two metal bars under it) and I shoo him out into the open and he just stands there. So I go and grab a glass from the next room, expecting him to be gone when I got back, but he was still there. Amazed, I turned my head away for about 1.5 seconds to get a piece of card and bam, he’s fucking gone.

Anyone else get this? Also is there any good ways of getting these bastards to stay outta my room? I lose like 1 every day, and even though sleeping is fine, I feel a bit uneasy sometimes.


I know that feeling brah. When I see a dark spot on my cieling in the middle of the night I have to go and turn on the lights and if it is a spider… It must die before I can get any sleep.

it is sometimes followed by nightmares of spiders in my mouth or ears


I know daddy long legs kill other spiders, so if you’re fine with only having them in your house you could try that. Or regularly clean/dust your house

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Do this


I don’t wanna get spider bits on my carpet so I try to catch them. Not very fucking co-operative even when i’m trying not to kill them, bastards.


I have a spider that lives in my bed, hes cool most of the time but every now and then I’ll wake up with an itchy lump on my arm cuz I toss and turn a lot and prolly slap him or something.
But yeah.
He won’t leave.
And I don’t have the heart to kill him.
So I named him Jim and hes my roomie.


I kill them by freaking out and using a flyswatter frantically and freaking out majorly.

Did I mention that I freak out?


… If he was within a 20 foot radius of me in my bedroom he would meet an unfortunate end.

It’s cool that you are quite tolerant :smile:


No? Do you freak out?


Yes, quite a bit actually.

Arachnophobia sucks since the buggers are everywhere here.


Yo I love spiders, I live out in the backwoods so mosquitoes are horrific so I’ll take any help I can get while waging war on the bloodsuckers

Spelling is hard

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I have a bunch those guys at my place .-.


I would honestly rather find a tarantula in my room. Atleast they don’t move at mach 7 ffs.


I’m s*** scared of spiders. Like, I’m fine with photo’s and stuff, but in real life, in the house… Urgh.

If there’s one in my room, I sorta freak out. Lots of places for it to hide. Infact, I’m so wimpy with spiders, it takes me ages to get the courage to put a cup over it, because I’m scared I’ll miss…

The ones that move 20,000m/s are the worst o.0

And I’m OK with spindly ones, I just happen to live in a pretty old house that around this sorta time of year, I get at least 1 per evening :open_mouth:

#Just STAP

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Yeah, I wish there was just a universal way of saying gtfo to spiders.


I envy you.


These guys are everywhere here and can grow to be the size of a 1/2 dollar coin. (2 inches or longer) And if I go outside in the summer There will be 3-6 webs of these fuckers everywhere. I is scared of dem ;_;


Dawww theyre so cuuuuuuute


Looking at the search to find out what the species was gave me the willies.



Paranoid as fuuuck now. Damn, sometimes I wish I never saw them in the first place.


Just pat them and they’ll leave you alone