Damn, AI hunters are tough


Man these guys won’t let up! I’ve managed to win all of my fights as a monster against human hunters in multiplayer (all 3 of them), but the bots? They are way more vicious. They work together and actually try and cut me off (as opposed to just following my footprints).I guess it’s because the AI team has some level of class synergy that is always there while people are still learning how to play together (myself included). Can’t wait to finally beat them and graduate from Monster Noob School.


It’s more fun in mutiplayer because you can stealth in a bush and they’ll walk right past you most of the time,
You can’t really do that with bots so that makes it more difficult as well.


That’s true enough. Still it’s nice having a way to train up your monstering skills.


I find that, as a medic, the AI monsters are horrid. Against humans, they react based on situations. The AI just charges the medic, ignoring everything else until the medic is dead. There’s literally nothing I can do to save myself. I definitely hope for some AI tweaks to ease that.


Well to be fair, a good human controlled monster will also charge the medic first (unless they are in a bad situation and domed in which case they should go for the trapper). I usually always try to get the medic first if I’m the monster. Especially Lazarus since his revives can be dangerous. And as person who also loves playing the medic: I feel your pain, pal.


I’m pretty sure that what makes them the opposite of horrid. Focusing one player is usually the best way to down someone.

OP, the AI hunters are nowhere near as good as a coordinated experienced team of hunters. I spank the AI with ease, but when I play against my a team of my friends, it’s always a close match that can go either way.


It isn’t that they are super coordinated but they seem to be better at it then quite a few actual human teams. I can win 2 out of 3 matches against humans. I have beaten the AI once. But then again I am horrible at the game so…


Strange… i always beat AI hunters so easy. How can someone have problems with them? Once i was playing with them, with kraken i was just flying around them and using only vortex and mines. When they took me to 50% hp i attacked with full power and killed them in a moment(end with ±15%hp) And i am noob as monster in MP, i win maybe 4/6 games if i have VERY good day. Well playing team and i have no chance.
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Maybe it has something to do with my playstyle but I don’t know. I still find human hunters way easier to deal with.