Damage to Power Relay


What kinds of attack can damage the Relay? Until recently I thought the monster can damage the relay only by standing next to it and holding Melee attack. But now I played a game where I got the relay to just a sliver of health, then got attacked by the Hunters, so I got interrupted. I continued attacking the Hunters just next to the relay and it got destroyed. That made me think the relay can be damaged by other attacks too.


Perhaps you hit it by accident?


Well, I was TRYING to hit it :smiley: But that is not the point, the point is that I thought there is only one way to damage the relay - lets call it “The Channeled Relay Attack When You Hold Attack Button and the Monster Damages the Relay” (or TCRAWYHABatMDtR for future refference) - but it looked like I destroyed it with a normal melee attack.
The thing is, the relay was down to a tiny fraction of health when I got attacked and interrupted (really, just a mosquito bite would destroy the relay at that point). So I could not tell if the final attack was a normal melee attack or I found a split second when nothing was attacking me and TCRAWYHABatMDtR started again to finish the job.


If you were in front of it and attacking, you probably initiated the animation/channelling and it took the last drop of its health.


I thought of that too, but it was so quick it was impossible to say. That’s why I wanted to know if it is possible to damage the relay in other way too :smiley:


Afaik, the only way to attack the relay is your “TCRAWYHABatMDtR”-method.
I think you already do some dmg to the relay the split second you start the TCRAWYHABatMDtR-animation. (Even if it isn’t visible)